Kerry, Obama Jeopardized Americans’ Safety and Security to Get Iran Nuclear Deal

Today’s explosive senate hearing is a sad commentary on the state of what’s considered adult news coverage when the highly suspect sex crime charges against a judge seeking a seat on the U.S. Supreme Court are given almost constant attention by journalists, TV and radio news anchors, and the entire Washington Press Corps while they ignore stories that have or may have an impact on the lives of the American people. Even as former President Barack Obama tours the world giving self-aggrandizing speeches that claim the economic recovery and other successes brought about by the Trump administration are actually achievements of Obama and his White House (See video posted at bottom of column.) In fact, not one reporter has even asked him about the so-called “signature Obama achievement;” the U.S. Iran Nuclear Pact. 

With a new nuclear deal and billions of dollars in their grasp, Iran purchased thousands of rockets, missiles and mortar rounds for Hamas in Gaza to use against Israel.

Former Secretary of State John Kerry,was discovered in early September colluding with Iran as part of the Deep State’s “shadow government diplomacy program” during his unofficial secret meetings with Iran’s military and foreign affairs officials.  In fact, according to the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, Kerry met with Iranian Former Minister Javad Zarif at least three times by his own admission.

Kerry and his Islamic-terrorism funding friends allegedly spoke about a number of topics especially the scrapped Obama nuclear deal, but it’s not known what other topics were discussed with the world’s leading benefactor of terrorist groups and Islamic militants.

“The deal has been touted as an Obama administration achievement even though the Iranians got billions of dollars and the economic sanctions were lifted but the U.S. received nothing in return except an empty promise. Obama’s successor, President Donald Trump called the Obama-Iran deal a foolish one that gave Iran everything and the United States nothing,” said, former military intelligence operative and now a county sheriff, Timothy McMurphy.

According to former Ambassador Alan Keyes’ Renew AmericaObama and his national security team — Secretary Kerry, Susan Rice and Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett —  who were originally charged with investigating Iran’s network of Islamic terrorism funding, couldn’t care less about handing over the deal-sweetening billions of dollars in what many construed as a bribery from Obama in order to take a number of bows in the U.S. and at the United Nations.

Obama, Jarrett, Rice, John Brennan and other members of the former President’s secretive inner-circle systematically disbanded elite law enforcement units within the federal government. These units and squads were investigating the Iranian, Syrian, and Venezuelan terrorism financing networks.

Obama and his Secretary of State John Kerry were concerned that the counter-terrorism units would lead to Iranian officials balking at Obama’s precious nuclear deal with Iran, according to a former U.S. official with expertise in dismantling criminal financial networks.

The news media love Sen. Fainstein, so don’t expect them to cover this story: Either she is a traitor or she is so stupid she couldn’t detect a spy who worked for her while she’s a bigshot on the Senate Intelligence Committee.

One key witness during the Iran negotiations, David Asher, in the past had worked for U.S. Army Gen. John Allen at both the Defense and State Departments. He testified before Republican and Democratic members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee that top cops and spies with several key law enforcement and intelligence agencies in the Obama administration were intentionally prevented from targeting the terrorism financing operations of Iran, Hezbollah, and Venezuela during Kerry’s nuclear negotiations with his Iranian counterparts.

After months of investigating President Donald Trump’s unproven conspiracy with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin to derail the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton, some lawmakers are turning their attention to the alleged deception by President Barack Obama and his minions to get his “do or die” nuclear deal with Iran.

“It didn’t matter how many billions of dollars it cost or what other enticements were offered to the radical Islamist government in Iran, they had to strike a U.S. coalition deal with the top Iranian religious and secular leaders,” said former counter-terrorism unit commander, Denholm Scharma. “In fact, most of those nations involved in the Iranian nuclear talks were eager for deal so that they could return to selling arms and military equipment, as well as non-military products to the Iranian caliphate,” Scharma added.

Republican leaders of the House Committee initiated a full-scale investigation into the Obama administration’s activities getting a nuclear deal many believed was a farce at best, a deadly mistake at worst. They also probed the controversial prisoner swap with Iran for over a billion dollars in taxpayers’ money.

Lawmakers and national security experts believed – and continue to believe – that Obama, his Secretary of State John Kerry and White House advisers actually hurt the U.S. government’s effort to end Iran’s nuclear weapons program. The so-called “pact” was also sold to the American people as a step in the right direction to ceasing the Iranian government’s weapons trafficking networks.

An example of this benefit to the radical Muslim militants and terrorists is the sale and delivery of short-ranged rockets and missiles turned over to the Palestinian terrorists of Hamas in the Gaza Strip. It’s been estimated that Hamas, who are Sunni Muslims, received up to 1,000 rockets and missiles from the Iranian military, who are Shi’ites.

“A number of former intelligence and counter-terrorism officers were concerned with the way the deal was negotiated and the misrepresentation of the nuclear pact’s details by Obama’s questionable national security team,” said former military intelligence operative and police unit commander George O’Brien. “Remember how the assistant national security adviser Ben Rhodes admitted to being deceitful in order to get the deal accepted? That alone should have triggered a probe not only by Congress, but also the Justice Department,” Lt. O’Brien said.

In a May 5 letter, Republican Reps. Jason Chaffetz and Ron DeSantis asked Attorney General Jeff Sessions to produce Justice Department documents they said would “help the Committee in better understanding these issues.” They sent the same letter to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson demanding all related documents to the Iran deal in the State Department’s possession.

Chaffetz had given both officials a May 19 deadline to provide one copy of them to committee Republicans, and another to the Oversight Committee’s Democratic Party lawmakers.

In part, the letter stated: “When President Obama revealed a prisoner exchange agreement with Iran in January 2016, he announced the release of one Iranian and six Iranian-Americans convicted of crimes or awaiting trial. The President described the exchange as a benign “reciprocal humanitarian gesture,” and went as far as to call the individuals released ‘civilians’ who ‘were not charged with terrorism or any violent offenses.’ Among those granted clemency were individuals that the Justice Department deemed threats to national security. The news account identified 14 Iranian fugitives accused of serious crimes for whom the Obama Administration dropped criminal charges, but never released the names or charges. These reports note an Iranian spokesperson contradicted the Administration’s position by claiming there were 28 Iranians ‘freed or relieved from judicial restrictions’ as part of the prisoner exchange agreement. If true, this leaves seven individuals unaccounted for. [It was] also reported that Obama Administration officials blocked and delayed law enforcement efforts to lure Iranian fugitives to countries where they could be arrested and to extradite Iranian suspects in custody overseas.”

Chaffetz also wrote to the officials, “please also make your staff available for a briefing on these issues no later than May 25.”

“The noose tightens, the clock is ticking and Jason Chaffetz will get to the bottom of this. Don’t forget Jason has an ace up his sleeve, Trey Gowdy is also on the committee investigating Obama. That should terrify him,” according to the Republican Post

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