Israel May Launch Full-Scale Attack on Hamas Terrorist Rocket Launching Positions


Female member of Hamas is as deadly — maybe even deadlier — than the male terrorists.

The content of this briefing contains information and opinions along with findings that may not be fully vetted but are of sufficient level to be considered intelligence analysis classified asFLASH TRAFFIC/SENSITIVE for consultative purposes.  Additional sources and analysis is ongoing.  Appreciation is extended to intelligence networks in both Israel and the United States for their submittals. ~ Lyle Rapacki, Founder and CEO of Sentinel Intelligence Services, LLC.

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) are currently in the process of responding to the continuous Hamas rocket strikes within Israel by launching precision airstrikes against 20 Hamas terrorist sites including a jihad training camp for male adults and teenagers, according to a report by terrorism analyst Dr. Lyle Rapacki.

Included with the ground-level targets were underground tunnels that are used by the Hamas’ Dir al-Balah battalion who are attempting terror raids into Israel past the border and border check-points.  Also included in the Israel airstrikes was the military compound of Zaytun Battalion whose primary function is to store rockets, missiles and mortars, as well as assisting with deep tunnel development, including a marine tunnel underwater beneath northern Gaza.

A Hamas weapons plant was also attacked by the Israeli air force.

“In multiple locations within Israel, children may only have 12-15 seconds to seek shelter prior to rocket strike,” said Dr. Rapacki, who owns and operates a private intelligence. His firm is often contracted by law enforcement and intelligence agencies throughout the United States and the free world.

Israeli police officers at the Gaza border.

In years past, without support from America nor her allies, Israel delayed military responses and employed conventional means of negotiations to stem the escalating violence and assaults both on and across her border.

Hamas and her sponsors such as Iran, Syria, and Russia would only engage in periodic interruptions prior to launching another wave of attacks; cross-border small military units, tunnel and missile.  Israel’s children, civilians as well as military, residential, and high valued structures were routinely targeted by Hamas and its allies such as Hezbollah, a radical Islamic terrorist organization operating from its bases in Lebanon.

Israel is said to be preparing an overt and decisive assault against Hamas anywhere between now and the next two-days.  Such a military action could become a formal Declaration of War which would not be limited to sort of air strikes Israel has employed for years, according to Rapacki’s report to the National Association of Chiefs of Police and Conservative Base.

Many analysts — including Dr. Rapacki,  believe an all-out ground invasion would be more difficult with high casualties on the Palestinian side, as well on the Israeli troops.  The casualty increase on the Palestinian side would be attributed, in part, to Israel not broadcasting the locations of their targets as they do currently, thereby, providing a humane measure of escape and avoidance for citizens (“a heads up”).

Israel’s deployed military forces would be of such magnitude that Palestinian civilian causalities could prove high.  Likewise…buildings, residence, and infrastructure (what remains) in the Palestinian sectors would receive significant and devastating damage and total destruction.

Rapacki warns that Hamas purposefully uses residences and other civilian buildings in which to hide, launch their attacks, and actually fight knowing Israel fights a “clean” or “gentleman’s war.”  “This would not be the case in such a military launch today,” notes Dr. Rapacki.

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