Investigation and Possible Impeachment of South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley  

Having acted outside her authority in regards to actively importing refugees, Governor Haley has acted outside the scope of both the South Carolina and US Constitution, according to Patricia Wheat, who is running for state senate for District 23.

South Carolinian homeowner shows his support for Donald Trump and disdain for Hillary Clinton.
South Carolinian homeowner shows his support for Donald Trump and disdain for Hillary Clinton.

On the usurping of authority by Governor Nikki Haley — who claims she is a conservative Republican — in regards to her support of President Barack Obama’s Muslim refugee program, Wheat plans to hold three press conferences across South Carolina.

“At the urging of the United Nations and the regime of Barack Obama, Nikki Haley has engaged in activity that is beyond the authority of her office. This action endangers the very fabric of our culture and will change the daily life of South Carolinians,” stated Wheat.

The idea of transporting so-called refugees without a reliable “vetting” process has been unpopular with most South Carolinians according to polls. “Even Obama’s own FBI director [James Comey] has stated during an open congressional hearing that he has no idea how we could vet hundreds of thousands of Muslim refugees. And he’s the guy who would be in charge of criminal background checks,” said former police detective Julian Forrester, Jr.

Opponents of the President’s latest tsunami of immigrants point to Article 1 Section 9 of the U.S. Constitution. It recognizes that States hold authority over immigration, migration and importation and the Constitution does not delegate that authority elsewhere including the Federal Government. South Carolina has control over such within the state.

Wheat also stated, “After studying the South Carolina Constitution, I find no authority given to the Governor to autonomously engage in agreements with any other government including the Federal Government. She has acted outside of her legitimate authority.”

Wheat is calling on Governor Haley to correct this and suggests that failure to do so should result in the South Carolina House opening an investigation of Governor Haley in this matter and take appropriate action which may include State Senate hearings on impeachment.

Patricia Wheat announced her decision on April 7 to run for State Senate District 23, a seat currently held by Katrina Shealy. Since then, she has been busy making phone calls, getting her website up and running, and creating a presence on Facebook. Numerous people have already stepped forward to help with her campaign, all of which helped or supported her opponent four years ago.


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