In Aftermath of Cohen Testimony, It’s Hillary Clinton Who Has a Russia Collusion Problem

Photograph (left-to-right): Clinton Family minion and attorney Lanny Davis; former U.S. Senator and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton; convicted felon and disbarred attorney Michael Cohen. One of the Deep State's leading operatives Lanny Davis is working pro-bono for Michael Cohen. It's hard to tell how much and what kind of advice is being given.

Now that President Donald Trump’s former attorney, convicted felon and disbarred lawyer Michael Cohen, has testified before a congressional committee and has basically repeated what other Trump- bashers have been saying about the President  with absolutely no facts to back up their vulgar assertions, perhaps the news media and their pals in the Democratic Party will look into the abyss of the Bill and Hillary Clinton Foundation.

No one seems interested in solving crimes in Washington, DC anymore. Not the Justice Dept., the federal law enforcement agencies and the intelligence community.

All of the huffing and puffing by the mutating Democratic Party and its propaganda machine about President Donald Trump and his unproven collusion with Russia these past two years aided Bill and Hillary Clinton and their multi-million-dollar foundation an opportunity to hide most of the group’s unethical and illegal activities.

But CNN White House correspondent Jeff Zeleny claimed on Sunday that former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary  isn’t “closing the door” on running for the nation’s highest office in 2020. Should she bully and cheat her way into being nominated, there are plenty of new facts known about her legacy of lies and corruption to derail her. In fact, she will probably find she has less control of the Democratic National Committee she enjoyed in her loss to President Trump.

“That, I suspect, was the original intent of the Robert Mueller, James Comey, Rod Rosenstein, and Andrew McCabe farce. But the Clintons’ organized crime enterprise is still lurking in the shadows of the what’s become known as the Deep State,” says a whistleblowing  chief investigative reporter, Micah Morrison who “updates readers in his latest Investigative Bulletin.”  Investigative Bulletin is published by the top-notch public-interest law firm Judicial Watch.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into possible collusion with Russia by the Trump presidential campaign dominates the news, but behind the scenes another bombshell story is coming together, albeit slowly,  piece by piece. ‘Was the Clinton network knee-deep in Russians, and did the FBI shut down an investigation that would have provided answers about Clinton collusion?’

The top-notch legal group, Judicial Watch. is one of the few organizations in pursuit of the Clintons’  story. Its legal staff filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the Justice Department after it failed to respond to our request for “all communications” related to “the closure or possible closure of an investigation into the Clinton Foundation” in 2016. Last week, in a separate lawsuit, we uncovered evidence pointing to undisclosed documents related to controversial FBI official Andrew McCabe and potential charges against Mrs. Clinton, according to Mr. Morrison.

“We sued for records of a meeting between a top FBI official and an attorney for a Clinton-connected law firm related to then-candidate Trump and Russia, a story first reported by Fox News. And we’ve taken a skeptical look at the appointment by then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions of U.S. Attorney John Huber to evaluate certain issues arising from the 2016 election” the Judicial Watch investigator said..

One of those ‘issues’ is the Uranium One controversy. Russia’s Rosatom atomic energy corporation in 2010 received U.S. permission, including a sign-off from Hillary Clinton’s State Department, to buy Uranium One, a Canadian company that owned significant American uranium assets. Was the Russian purchase of Uranium One connected to payments to the Clinton network and improper actions by Secretary of State Clinton? “I believe the facts already known: that the Clinton Foundation — a phony charity that really functioned as a large-scale slush fund — received millions upon millions of dollars as donations, while Bill Clinton was paid $500,000.00 for a speech delivered in Moscow,” said former former forensic accountant Harry Bellachek..

The Hill’s John Solomon a year ago broke the news that the Clinton Foundation was under FBI investigation. “The Justice Department has launched a new inquiry into whether the Clinton Foundation engaged in any pay-to-play politics or other illegal activities while Hillary Clinton served as secretary of state,”  he reported.

In early February 2019, Solomon — who is a vice president at The Hill and a contributing editor — was at it again. Revisiting an episode that has “escaped significant attention,” Solomon reports that there is “clear evidence now that shows Hillary Clinton’s family and charity profited from Moscow and simultaneously facilitated official government actions benefiting Russia.”

The episode as described in The Hill, centers around the Skolkovo Innovation Center, a high-tech business center launched in Moscow in 2009. Five years later, as Skolkovo entities expanded in the U.S., the FBI issued an extraordinary public warning, saying that the Skolkovo connection “may be a means for the Russian government to access our nation’s sensitive or classified research development facilities and dual-use technologies.”

Solomon notes that Secretary of State Clinton’s “handprint was everywhere” on the Skolkovo project, part of an attempt by the U.S. to reboot Russia relations. Leading the Russian side of the project was oligarch Viktor Vekselberg, a Putin-connected billionaire and Clinton Foundation donor. Firms connected to the oligarch donated at least $75,000 to the foundation. As the Skolkovo collaboration got underway, Solomon reminds us, Bill Clinton made his way to Moscow and was paid a jaw-dropping $500,000.00 for a speech to a Russian investment bank, Renaissance Capital.

Solomon reports that Bill Clinton sought permission from the State Department to meet with Vekselberg and “Arkady Dvorkovich, a senior official of Rosatom,” during the Moscow trip. This was at the time Rostom was “seeking State’s permission to buy Uranium One.” The Washington Examiner notes that the Clintons’ “relationship to Vekselberg continued throughout Hillary Clinton’s time at the State Department.”

Solomon adds additional details on possible Clinton collusion with the Russians—read his full report here. And Viktor Vekselberg certainly is a busy man, making a cameo in the Mueller probe and turning up in various other sketchy endeavors. Not everything in the Russia story comes up as collusion, cover-up or crime, but Solomon correctly notes that evidence related to Skolkovo, Rosatom and Uranium One “shows that the Clintons financially benefited from Russia—personally and inside their charity—at the same time they were involved in U.S. government actions that rewarded Moscow and increased U.S. security risks.”

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