Illegal Alien Raped, Impregnated 15-Year-Old Stepdaughter To Remain In U.S. with Anchor Baby

Despite efforts by political leaders and the news media to avoid negative stories regarding immigration enforcement, one story is being covered about an illegal immigrant in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, who has been arrested and charged with fathering a child with his teenage stepdaughter. The suspect fathered the child in a an attempt to remain in the U.S. by passing off the youngster as his “anchor baby.”

Horacio Alvarado: Child Rapist

The suspect, 32-year-old Horacio Alvarado, allegedly impregnated the girl when she was only 15-years-old. Police officers say he then attempted to have authorities conduct a  paternity test, thinking the results would lead to his remaining in the country. The suspect and his victim claim they are from Mexico.

The statutory rapist’s stepchild gave birth to Alvarado’s child during the Obama administration in 2012. However, police officers only happened upon the rape case during their investigation of a lengthy history of alleged assaults last month. It was then that they started investigating a new sexual assault claim made by the same victim.

The stepdaughter, who is now aged 22, was being interviewed over the recent sex assault allegation when she told police investigators that it was Alvarado who had repeatedly abused her when she was a teenager under his care.

She informed detectives that Alvarado raped her on several occasions each a week and that the rapes first occurred when she was 14-years-old. He allegedly continued to rape his stepdaughter until she turned 18-years-old. The alleged abuse continued even after she gave birth to his child, so his rationale for the rape appears fraudulent.

“He claims his reason for having sexual intercourse with his stepdaughter is his misguided intention to remain in the United States and not be deported back to his homeland, especially when the Obama administration made immigration enforcement a ‘dirty word,'” said former sex crimes unit detective Eileen Queenan.

When asked about her mother’s knowledge of Alvarado’s actions, the woman told police that Alvarado allegedly assaulted her when her mother, Linda Alvarado, was at work or sleeping in the middle of the night. She claims her mother once walked into the bedroom while Alvarado was raping her, but she left the bedroom without trying to stop him.

The victim said to the investigating officers that she hid the identity of her newborn’s father a secret from everyone. However, she eventually informed her mother shortly after the birth of the child.

The criminal court did establish Mr. Alvarado as the child’s legal father in 2015. The girl’s mother, Linda Alvarado, has also been charged with misdemeanor child neglect. She was released on a mere $500 bail.

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One thought on “Illegal Alien Raped, Impregnated 15-Year-Old Stepdaughter To Remain In U.S. with Anchor Baby

  • July 12, 2018 at 2:54 am

    How in the world could a mother walk into a daughters bedroom see what was going on an not try to stop the rapist??? A normal person would pick up what ever was handy and knock the hell out of the rapist then call the police. This is what has been coming across our border for years that the stupid politicians want to keep the taxpayers supporting with medical, food stamps, schooling you name it.
    Does anyone think the Mexican government would allow that to take place in THEIR country???


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