Hillary goes dumpster diving for economic plan by Jane Chastain 

Hillary Clinton served up a tired old economic plan like last week’s lunch. It contained everything Obama tried eight years ago that stifled the economic recovery that began after the financial crisis was ended by George W. Bush. These policies resulted in a pathetic average growth rate of around 1.5 percent.

During the Obama years, the number of Americans below the poverty line increased 3.5 percent. The number of Americans on food stamps increased 39.5 percent, and median household income decreased 2.3 percent, with a real unemployment rate of 10.1 percent. Meanwhile, the national debt has doubled from roughly $10 trillion to $20 trillion, leaving us the most indebted country in the world.

The first thing Hillary retrieved from her dumpster dive was a massive new government jobs program: “We will put Americans to work building and modernizing our roads, our bridges, our tunnels, our railways, our ports, our airports.” Wasn’t that what Obama promised with the $750 billion he fleeced out of we the taxpayers for “shovel-ready jobs”?

Had we really spent that $750 billion on infrastructure, our streets and bridges would be made of gold. Does anybody really know what a billion dollars is anymore, let alone what a billion dollars should buy?

Take a look at all the excess spending at your local airport. Do we really need all those fancy fixtures and expensive finishes that are enough to make an oil-rich potentate blush? And if your local airport isn’t up to snuff, just check out the tiny airport down the street that has no commercial flights. As a private pilot, I see examples of airport pork everywhere.

Face it. The federal government is a poor conduit for taxpayer dollars. Most of it is wasted on overpriced labor, sweetheart contracts and bridges and roads to nowhere that benefit some politician’s family or friends. A House Oversight Committee found that we the people spent over a million dollars a job on many of Obama’s shovel-ready projects. No, Hillary. Been there; done that!

The other stinking leftover from Obama and previous liberal leaders is increasing taxes on the rich in the name of creating “economic fairness.” This, according to a chorus of her left-leaning economists, is supposed to shrink our 

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