Hillary Clinton Colluded with Russians and Special Counsel Knows It

While Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation is far from proving that President Donald Trump colluded with Russia after digging for two years, his Democratic team of investigators have practically “tripped over” more and more evidence confirming allegations that it was Hillary Clinton plotting the demise of the Trump campaign who colluded with Russia and foreign agents.

Rep. Darrell Issa, R-California.

On Friday, Rep. Darrell Issa, R-California, spoke to Fox News’ conservative superstar Sean Hannity and explained how Clinton is knee deep in Russian collusion.

According to the Fox News-Congressman Issa interview transcript, the retiring congressman and Hannity had the following on-air conversation:

“Congressman Issa, you were in there. Hopefully, we’ll get the transcript tomorrow. I just went over the problems with these FISA applications. Is it true that the bulk of the information came from the dossier that Christopher Steele doesn’t even stand by?” Hannity asked.

“That’s exactly right,” Rep. Issa said.

“Not only came from the dossier but as you know, Christopher Steele hasn’t been in Russia in 20 years.,” he said.

“So even the people, the unknown people responsible for it could easily, easily have in fact been agents of the Russian government, which would mean that Hillary Clinton is the one guilty of the so-called ‘collusion,’” he said.

Hannity then spoke to strategist and commentator Mark Penn about the investigation.

“Well, that’s a great irony there,” Hannity said.

“You have been very critical, Mark Penn, of this process, from the get-go here, as you should be,” he said.

I believe we have a dual justice system. I’m looking at taxis, loan applications, tax violations, I’m not seeing any collusion here at all,” Hannity continued.

“But I do see issues with Russia with uranium one and that is that we had a spy within that network. And we did have a lot of money kickback in the end. I do see issues with this dossier, it’s full of Russian lies and the FBI used it as the basis of the FISA applications and infact, they never verified it. What James Comey just said is false. We know they didn’t verify it,” he said.

Mueller and those who served under him at the FBI were great at criminalizing any activity they wished to criminalize. And the news media help him.

Meanwhile, last Thursday, a federal judge ruled against Mrs. Clinton in a major way and it could mean the end of her reign as a leader of the Democratic Party.

Judge Royce Lamberth tore into Clinton in his ruling in which he granted Judicial Watch their Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request against the State Department, which Hillary ran as secretary of state.


“At best, State’s efforts to pass off its deficient search as legally adequate during settlement negotiations was negligence born out of incompetence. At worst, career employees at the State and Justice departments colluded to scuttle public scrutiny of Clinton, skirt FOIA, and hoodwink this court,” the judge said in a brutal ruling,

In his ruling, Lamberth ordered the agencies to develop a plan with Judicial Watch for a discovery plan within 10 days that will determine whether Clinton used the server to evade FOIA requests. He also ruled that the plan should determine whether the State Department sought to settle the case with Judicial Watch “despite knowing the inadequacies of the initial search constituted bad faith.”

Lamberth, who has clashed with Clinton and her aides in cases dating back to her husband’s administration, was unsparing in his assessment of the former secretary’s actions. He blasted Clinton’s email practices as “one of the gravest modern offenses to government transparency.”

Lamberth also again expressed concerns that lawyers at the Justice Department and the State Department misled the court when they tried at the end of 2014 to wrap up Judicial Watch’s FOIA suit about Benghazi talking points even though some officials were aware months earlier that Clinton had tens of thousands of emails on a private system and had agreed to turn many of them over to State at its request.

“State played this card close to its chest,” the judge complained. “At best, State’s attempts to pass-off its deficient search as legally adequate during settlement negotiations was negligence born out of incompetence. At worst, career employees in the State and Justice Departments colluded to scuttle public scrutiny of Clinton, skirt FOIA and hoodwink this court.”

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