GOP establishment all in for Hillary: Larry Klayman

A day after non-establishment Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump handily won the Indiana primary and it was initially thought he had secured his nomination as presidential candidate, sore loser Ted Cruz gloated publicly that Hillary Clinton would be the next president.
Donald Trump has given Hillary Clinton a name that sticks: Crooked Hillary.
Donald Trump has given Hillary Clinton a name that sticks: Crooked Hillary.


Indeed, Cruz who out of necessity had become the darling of the Republican establishment and Beltway conservatives, had become the “great hope” to defeat The Donald at a planned, manipulated, contested July Republican convention in the dying city of Cleveland, Ohio – a town so corrupt and decrepit that it has ironically come to symbolize the equally dying state of the current Republican Party.


Ted Cruz was not alone in wasting no time trashing Trump after he became the “presumptive” presidential nominee. House Speaker Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney’s juvenile and hapless vice presidential running mate during the 2012 presidential elections (a political disaster where Romney and Ryan succeeded in snatching defeat from the jaws of otherwise certain victory, subjecting the United States to four more years of tyrannical rule by the nation’s first Muslim president), also attacked Trump, saying he would not support The Donald’s candidacy unless he, in effect, got down on his knees before him and the rest of the Republican establishment.

Similar classless attacks came from the Bush family – W. and Jeb to be specific – who also publicly uttered words of non-endorsement as the sore losers they also are.

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