German Immigration Policy Threatens EU;  Documentary Exposes Truth About Islam

A new documentary that took two years in the making — “What Would Muhammad Do? Islamic Terrorism Explained” — exposes the truth about Islam, the Koran, and Muhammad, the founder of Islam. Recent terrorist attacks in Germany, France, Belgium and other European Union countries are the inevitable fruit of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s suicidal immigration policy which opened the floodgates to Islamists expansion into the West.

Muslim terrorists have not hijacked the “peaceful religion of Islam.”  As this documentary shows, Muslim terrorists are carrying out the instructions of Muhammad, and imitating the bloody example he left. And what Americans are witnessing overseas a repeat of what Europe experienced when the “expected one,” the Mahdi, led an Army of Muslims out of the desert and created havoc in North Africa and totally annihilated the Sudan in 1882. It resulted in the British Army responding to the bloody jihad to end the threat. (See video below for information on the Mahdist War.)

“What Would Muhammad Do?” uses only primary Islamic sources to reveal the agenda and tactics of Islam, as commanded by Muhammad.  Every citizen of Europe and the United States who cares about the survival of Western Civilization should watch this series.

In order to stand in solidarity with the citizens of Europe, the producers of “What Would Muhammad Do?” have added French and Dutch subtitles, and have begun German subtitles which will be released shortly.

Producers are making the first episode of the movie series available online at no charge – “kostenfrie.”

Link to Web Site: WWMD Series

Reviews of “What Would Muhammad Do?”

“Randall Terry’s 10 part documentary ‘What Would Muhammad Do?’ (WWMD?) is a visually engaging masterpiece explaining the truth about Islam. WWMD? uses primary Islamic sources (Quran, Hadiths, and Siras) to definitively spell out Islamic doctrine. This spectacular documentary is the best I’ve seen…perfect for students, persons of all faiths – including Muslims – who will find it even more revealing!” — Lt Col Roy White (ret), Chapter Coordinator, ACT! for America San Antonio

“‘What Would Muhammad Do?’ is the best Movie Series/TV production on the life of Muhammad and Islamic terrorism that has ever been produced. The ultimate weapon to defeat Islamic terror – oddly enough – is the record of Muhammad’s life, the Founder of Islam. ‘What Would Muhammad Do?’ (WWMD?) shows us Muhammad in easy to understand lessons. WWMD? is more than recommended, it is a necessity if we are to understand Islam and Islamic terrorism…and then defeat it.” — Dr. Bill Warner, Author; “Sharia Law for Non-Muslims,” and “The Life of Muhammad,” (and 13 other books on Islam and Islamic terrorism.)

“I learned more from ‘What Would Muhammad Do?’ about Islam and Islamic terrorism than I’ve learned from everything I ever read and watched in my entire life.” — John Moore, Author, Speaker and Radio Talk-Show Host


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