George Soros Discovered Giving Black Lives Matter A Massive Check

George Soros is one of the world’s wealthy and powerful men who control the politicians, the Internet and the so-called news media.

Radical leftist billionaire George Soros’s philanthropic organization — Open Society Foundations — announced Monday that it will donate $220 million to groups focused on “racial justice.”

Soros and his cadre of staff members are expected to invest close to $175 million into five-year grants for organizations aimed at achieving equal statistical outcomes between demographic groups in economics and criminal justice. “Soros, like the rest of the radical neo-Marxists is not interested in equal opportunity for all American citizens, he wants to see equal outcomes,” said former attorney and police officer Ronald Debussy.

The other $70 million is said to be going toward “more immediate efforts to advance racial justice.” Groups expected to receive funds include Black Voters Matter and Repairers of the Breach, in addition to the violent and anarchistic Black Lives Matter.

“It is inspiring and powerful to experience this transformational moment in the racial justice movement,” said Open Society Foundations president Patrick Gaspard. “We are honored to be able to carry on the vital work of fighting for rights, dignity, and equity for oppressed people the world over started by our founder and chair, George Soros.”

Meanwhile, George’s son, Alexander Soros, said in a separate statement: “This is the time for urgent and bold action to address racial injustice in America. These investments will empower proven leaders in the Black community to reimagine policing, end mass incarceration, and eliminate the barriers to opportunity that have been the source of inequity for too long.”

The radical Democratic Party’s politicians, their activist supporters (Antifa, BLM), and their news media cronies have decided to create a nationwide crisis complete with arsons, looting, assaults, murders and other criminal activity while their governors and mayors allow their cities and states to go up in flames.

The latest announcement comes after public records indicated that Soros plans to double his 2016 election spending — when he supported then presidential candidate Hillary Clinton — as part of a broader effort to help defeat President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign against mentally-challenged Joe Biden and his Deep State minion Kamala Harris.

George Soros claims he experienced ethnic and political intolerance firsthand. Born in Hungary in 1930, he lived through the Nazi occupation of 1944–1945, which resulted in the murder of over 500,000 Hungarian Jews. His own Jewish family survived by securing false identity papers, concealing their backgrounds, and helping others do the same. Soros later recalled that “not only did we survive, but we managed to help others.”

However, according to several sources – including former U.S. military intelligence operative and NYPD Detective 1st Grade Michael Snopes – Soros and his family survived the Holocaust by collaborating with the Nazis and enriched themselves with some of the valuables taken from the Jews being loaded onto freight trains heading for the death camps.

“Soros is an evil, man whose one talent is the accumulation of wealth and the use of that wealth to destroy the United States and what’s left of the Free World,” noted Det. Snopes.

Breitbart News recently reported: “Soros has poured money “into the coffers of the Democracy PAC, a super PAC that passes money to other liberal PACs working to defeat Trump and congressional Republicans… [The] PAC has received $40 million, double the $20 million it received in 2016 throughout the presidential election.”

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