Former VP Joe Biden’s collusion with China May Be Unearthed in 2020 Election Cycle

Although former Vice President Joe Biden has repeatedly told reporters and talk show hosts that he has no intention of running for political office again, including an attempt at unseating President Donald Trump, it’s still a long way off to 2020 and as things change in The Swamp, perhaps he will be seen as the only possible winning candidate for President.
The Russian cyber spies are all the rage with the Democrats and their news room lapdogs, but it appears a collusion case involves members of the Obama Administration including Vice President Joe Biden.

Unfortunately for him and the rest of The Swamp dwellers, as 2020 approaches, more and more conspiracies, scandals and criminal allegations may be exposed by groups such as Judicial Watch, Freedom Watch USA, One America News Network, NewsMaxTV, and some of the anchors and hosts at Fox News Channel.

Perhaps the Democrats and their patsies in the news media will attempt to gin up another bogus scandal since they believe it worked to a certain degree against President Trump. However, when Sen. Bill Nelson of Florida attempted to hurt the Republicans in his state, it failed miserably. Nelson claimed the Russians were interfering with his state’s local elections, but the FBI, the CIA and the Homeland Security Department stated they saw nothing about the Russians secretly involved in the Florida elections.

In an interview with Breitbart News’ Rebecca Mansour and Joel Pollak, Peter Schweizer, president of the Government Accountability Institute,  spoke about the financial relationship between Biden’s son Hunter and the Chinese state — including a $1.5 billion deal establishing a private equity firm — as an illustration of what he dubbed “the new corruption.” He further explained how foreign governments purchase political influence through “sweetheart deals” with the children of politicians.

Biden-Chinese Collusion
Even with the numerous examples of Hillary Clinton’s corruption, some investigative journalists believe Biden and his son were involved in suspicious business practices. Any mention of Biden’s shenanigans receives the “that’s old news” response from the Democrats and the sold out news media. But going after a Trump campaign staffer whose alleged transgressions occurred in 2005 is not “old news” and send reporters running to their laptops.

Best-selling author and Investigative journalist Peter Schweizer recently appeared on the Fox News Channel to discuss what he called suspicious transactions involving “foot in mouth” Joe Biden, his son Hunter Biden, and the Communist Party of China.

“We’re all familiar with globalization and the phenomenon as it relates to the economy and corporations, well, corruption is being globalized as well,” Schweizer told Steve Hilton the British host of the Fox News Channel Sunday night show The Next Revolution.“One of the best ways to make friends in Washington is to do deals with family members,” he continued.

“[E}very year as vice president, Joe Biden is supposed to disclose his annual income, and making sure those disclosures are honest is the rule. Biden (couldn’t) have a check from the Chinese government in that disclosure form, but his adult son, Hunter, doesn’t have to disclose anything,” Schweizer told Hilton.

Schweizer also claimed that both Bidens in 2013 visited China and upon returning to the United States Hunter’s company won a $1 billion deal with the Chinese company Bohai Harvest.

Even more disturbing is that Biden’s foreign policy opportunities made him the “expert” in the Obama White House on China’s economic policies. And even though Biden was

lambasted by many in the U.S. for acquiescing to China’s increased military presence in the South China Sea, his son received vast sums of money from Chinese officials.

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