Former Fed Prosecutor Joe diGenova: Dishonest John Brennan Was Behind Trump Setup 

Former U.S. Attorney and Justice Department prosecutor Joe diGenova this week shocked many Americans with his candor when he accused former CIA chief John Brennan of being behind the set up of President Donald Trump.
Former President Barack Obama and his minions working for the Deep State were behind the creation of the phony “Russia-Trump collusion” story. Brennan used his intelligence network tradecraft to spoon-feed false information and even phonier “press leaks” such as the information contained in the now famous “dirty dossier.”

II.  Trump Gives An Order Against John Brennan over Public Disrespect

III. The Mueller Investigation Is Turning Into A Farce

On Sunday evening, LevinTV host Mark Levin interviewed former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino and former U.S. attorney Joseph diGenova on his weekly Fox News program, “Life, Liberty & Levin.”

“We’re here on very serious business,” Levin began. He asked his guests about two Department of Justice memoranda, one from the Nixon administration and one from the Clinton administration, that conclude that a president of the United States cannot be indicted by a special counsel.

“I don’t think there’s any question that the Mueller investigation as it sits now is illegitimate,” diGenova said. He explained that the appointment of special counsel Robert Mueller by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein did not name a crime for Mueller to investigate, raising serious problems. “It named nothing. This was a way for the department under Rosenstein to avoid responsibility for conducting an inquiry,” he said.

With no crime being investigated, diGenova said that having President Trump sit down with Mueller to answer his questions would be a waste of time for both Trump and the country. “I think the president should fight to the very end any subpoena issued by the special counsel,” he concluded.

Levin asked Bongino if he thought the Mueller probe is putting together a case for impeachment against Trump. Bongino thinks it is, but he went further, running through the prosecutors Mueller has hired and their anti-Trump, pro-Clinton biases.

“I think the entire Mueller operation, Mark, is a smokescreen to keep the attention on Donald J. Trump and to keep the attention away from the crimes committed with the Clinton operation and … the Obamagate spying scandal as well,” Bongino said.

IV.  Strassel: FBI used human Intel to spy on Trump campaign

Wall Street Journal columnist Kim Strassel urges the FBI to ‘come clean’ on surveillance of the Trump campaign, noting ‘the American people need to see this.’

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