Evangelist Alveda King: Free Yourself from Black Lives Matter Propaganda

“When we truly believe in the sacredness of human personality, we won’t exploit people, we won’t trample over people with the iron feet of oppression, we won’t kill anybody.” — Dr. MLK 1967 Christmas Sermon
Just in from Evangelist Alveda King, Director of Civil Rights for The Unborn, Priests for Life:
“As my friends Ryan Bomberger of the Radiance Foundation and Bishop Jim Lowe of Guiding Light Church and others weigh in on the unfolding issues and death counts in Louisiana, Minnesota and now Dallas, I’m encouraging everyone to step back from violence, reach out to Heaven in prayer, and act to break every chain.”
From Ryan:

“Here is my response to the destructive activism (and sheer hypocrisy) of the pro-abortion #BlackLivesMatter movement, especially in light of the massacre in Dallas.

“And, Alveda, here’s a new video highlighting that #BlackLivesMatter hypocrisy in one sentence:

“My heart grieves for this needless, evil violence that takes precious innocent human lives (gun violence, police brutality, abortion brutality) from this earth.” — Ryan Bomberger, Chief Creative Officer, The Radiance Foundation, 1-877-517-4463 (o), 757-535-7926 (c)

From Bishop Lowe:

“Sad what has happened in Dallas. We need a call for unity on the concept Pro-Life! We must have forums for people to learn to respect life. When we murder the innocent unborn we have no respect for any life.

“Let’s get the organizations together. I will work with you. I am sure others will join. Just like your uncle did we must unite people to our cause who understand the signs of the times.

“Then we must educate the masses. Others are exploiting the emotions of the masses. They have caught them. We will learn more tomorrow.”

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