Escape From The New World Order by Michael Moriarty

Here, this report on The New World Order, begins with the voice of John F. Kennedy leading the American people to increased alertness about the dangers of conspiracy… yes, a “secret society”, a plot to create The New World Order.

Yes, there are massively creepy secrets about Bohemian Grove, The Illuminati, the Skull and Bones Fraternity of Yale and, yes, the conglomerate obsession for the men of these organizations: The New World Order.

The above mentioned documentary, relatively old by now, was dated for publication in 2011.

Nothing of any major importance about The New World Order has changed. Just the more shamelessly criminal second term of President Barack Hussein Obama.

The heart of this endlessly long and repetitive, New World Order conspiracy?

Hitler tried his own version of A New World Order with Nazi Germany.

Stalin mostly dreamed of owning all of Europe as Hitler did.

Meanwhile, the American banking system?

And the American business ethic?

American economic giants like Standard Oil funded both sides of World War II.

The same thing occurred with the war in Vietnam.

The so-called “Gulf of Tonkin Incident” was a fraud, perpetrated by the American propaganda machine to justify President Johnson’s full entry into the Vietnam War.

While, at the same time, President Johnson lifted trade restrictions upon the Soviet Bloc, knowing full well that Communist Russia was providing 80 % of North Vietnam’s war supplies.

Who profits from both sides of the Vietnam War?

The Rockefellers financed factories in the Soviet Union which the Soviets used to manufacture military equipment sent to Vietnam.

Utterly insane and increasingly self-defeating rules of engagement were sent down from the highest level in order to postpone any decisive victories or defeats in The Vietnam War.

As is said in this documentary: “The Vietnam War was never meant to be won! Just sustained!!”

A war for profit killed 58 thousand Americans and three million Vietnamese.

According to this documentary’s point of view, the destruction of the Twin Towers on September 11th, 2001, was a pretext to establish a world-wide conflict which is still being sustained for the purposes of profit. Wealth for what JFK warned us about: The Military-Industrial Complex; and that giant lobby’s monetary dependence upon the “Free World’s” banking system.

In short: the American Treasury Department. Still to this day, a privately run business, owned by privately run banks.

All three major wars of the 20th Century: World War I, World War II and Vietnam?

Instigated deliberately by the war profiteers which obviously included the delusional Adolf Hitler.

Now we have the increasingly suspicious fallout from the 9/11 attacks upon the Twin Towers.

The slow but steadily creeping hands of governmental power being wrapped around America because of 9/11?!

The Patriot Act!!!!!

Because of such laws, the American public  no longer has any legal protection from governmental invasions of almost any kind.

To wit: one more, profoundly ironic addition to The Patriot Act: The North American Union!

To what then are we to be “Patriotic”?


Or The North American Union?

And, ultimately, The New World Order?

All being created by what is now known of as “The Investment Class”.

Who are they?

The wealthiest of the human race and their increasing faith in a New World Order.”



New World Order control
 over the entire earth
and the entire human race.

The North American Union is, in truth, a total removal of sovereignty from America, Canada and Mexico; and the creation of a new North American currency: The Amero.

The Rockefellers knew of the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center 11 months before it actually happened. According to the Rockefellers at that time, “The Event” would allow America to invade the Middle East to control its oil.

It will be entitled a “War on Terror”.

A “Terror” that will never end.

The “Terrorists” like ISIS will, as witness Obama’s deliberately lame and ineffectual efforts with ISIS, never be destroyed.

A new version of the hoped-for and “Endless Vietnam War”.

Now it is “The Endless War On Terror”!

The Media will convince the American People and the World that this war is based upon real conflict… when “The Conflict” has been deliberately manufactured.

This New World Order is at least 40 years old, but the inspirational idea for it can be seen upon the American dollar.

Some say the New World Order is the creation of “The Masons”!

Some say “The Illuminati”!

Whatever it is?!

It is Godless and utterly unconstitutional and therefore, as far as I am concerned, utterly illegal.

What will combat and destroy this New World Order in the end?

The indomitability of the Judeo-Christian Civilization.

And The Eternal Truths of its guidebook, The Holy Bible.

The New World Order has been successfully making fools out of everyone, including their own major operatives.

Either the stupidest or most cunning of which is President Barack Hussein Obama.

He has either been sold a bill of goods, most likely by The United Nations, that Islamic Law will be instituted as the guiding principles for The New World Order, or he has been ordered to play at being Muslim when he is most actually more Communist than anything else.

A New World Order
 has always fulfilled 
the dreams of both Islam
 and the International Communist Party.

Obviously Communism and Islam have joined forces to complete the job of destroying Judeo-Christianity and what is left of the Free World.

For his entire second term, President Obama has been openly, shamelessly and criminally defying and breaking almost every rule, every American right and regulation contained in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and its Bill of Rights.

Secretly, behind closed doors, both the Clintons and the entire Bush Family – in short, The New World Order Establishment – are cheering Obama on, applauding the “fundamental transformation of the United States of America”.

It is Obama’s job 
to shamelessly break
 American law!

The New World Order Congress of America, both Republicans and Democrats, will not impeach President Barack Hussein Obama.


Obama is doing the dirty work required to ultimately fulfill the demands of The New World Order and, if necessary, deliberately drive traditional Americans into an inevitable Second American Civil War, during which The New World Order Board of American Directors hope and obviously trust that its American opposition will be destroyed.

If the American opposition 
to this New World Order
 is not destroyed?
And if they defeat
The New World Order?
 It is entirely possible
 that the Bushes, 
the Clinton’s, 
the Obamas 
and men such as George Soros
 will be hung as traitors.

Soros already has one arrest warrant
 from Vladimir Putin’s Russia 
for the equivalent of treason.

Meanwhile, all of Islam and its major spokesperson, the President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, are being sold a bill of goods that, indeed, Islam will not only have at least a 50 percent say in the decisions of the United Nations and the New World Order, it will be running what used to be all of the world’s democracies.

Of course, once this New World Order is fully constructed, there will be neither any democracies nor theocracies left on the Earth.


The New World Order will destroy any semblance of either democracy or theocracy around the world, including Islam.

Christianity and Judaism, Israel particularly, must be destroyed by The New World Order.

That is why a Muslim, Barack Hussein Obama, was deliberately made the President of the United States: to empower the likes of Iran and Iran’s main objective to destroy Israel.

Once all of Judeo-Christianity is weakened if not totally destroyed, then the victors are The Illuminati and their symbols: The All-Seeing Eye (CBS uses it), The Owl, Fire (torch of The Statue of Liberty, The Olympic Torch and Standard Oil’s Logo), The Pentagon, No. 666, The Skull (Yale’s Skull and Bones as eternal home for The Bush Family) Snakes (“Don’t Tread On Me), The Obelisk (The Washington Monument) and, finally, The Monarch Butterfly.

The depth of infiltration by these miraculous operatives for an ultimately Godless New World Order?!

Who’d have guessed it but Pope Francis of the Catholic Church is now selling The New World Order. The true anti-Christ would just have to appear as a Pope of the Catholic Church. The Anti-Christ is empowered by people think that he actually is The Christ’s Second Coming.

The Vatican, like all of Islam, has either been sold a “piece of the New World Order” or the salesmen, like Barack Obama and Pope Francis, are decreasingly veiled Communists.

Certainly Obama and Pope Francis are neither Islamic nor Christian in any way.

Opposition to the New World Order?

Presently individual freedom’s only possible hope?

Most ironically: the increasingly Christian but still dictatorial Vladimir Putin of the neo-Soviet Union and the mildly Presbyterian bully, Donald Trump, plus their growing friendship and alliance.

They both most obviously see the New World Order potential for death to what Donald Trump lives for, The Free Market!

Trump would die without anyone to compete with.

A President Donald Trump is America’s best and, at this point, only hope of escaping The Illuminati’s diabolical campaign to force the freest and most powerful nation in the world, The United States of America, into an obedient membership in the United Nations’ New World Order.

God, Trump and Putin willing, that hell on earth will never happen. 

Michael Moriarty

Michael Moriarty is an Emmy Award and Golden Globe winner who starred in the landmark TV series Law & Order. He is also a jazz pianist and classical composer and a conservative columnist.

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