Epidemic of Muslim ‘refugee’ rapes of women in European cities being covered up

“Where law ends, tyranny begins.” – U.S. President James Monroe

While political leaders in the United States argue over Muslim refugees being brought into American cities, they may wish to hear from police chiefs in cities throughout the European Union that have opened their “gates” thousands upon thousands of Islamic refugees from Middle Eastern and Northern African nations.

According to reports from police departments in Germany, Sweden, France, Great Britain and other Western nations, rapes, sexual assaults and other sex crimes perpetrated by Muslims have reached epidemic levels.

President Trump's terrorism adviser Sebastian Gorka is hated by Democrats more than they hate radical Islamic terrorists.
President Trump’s terrorism adviser Sebastian Gorka is hated by Democrats more than they hate radical Islamic terrorists.

In the aftermath of one recent series of rampant sex crimes, a police chief in the German city of Cologne, succumbed to calls for his resignation following the German public’s display of outrage and anger over the sexual assaults against German women by hundreds of Muslim men during the New Year’s Eve celebration.

The 60-year-old Cologne police chief, Wolfgang Albers, took his early retirement pension and ran amid rabid complaints that police officers failed to respond and protect almost 200 women who were harassed, threatened, groped, robbed and raped on Dec. 31, 2015.

Defenders of the Muslims and the progressive politicians in Germany, defended Chief Albers by claiming he is being scapegoated by those who are opposed to Germany’s unprecedented Muslim immigrantion “tsunami.”  Germany was one of the first countries to allow thousands of Muslim immigrants seeking asylum to enter the country without even a semblance of a screening process.

“Police officers had to ‘stand down’ as tens of thousands of people from Syria, Iraq, Somalia and other countries took advantage of German sympathy. The Germans have taken political-correctness to levels that have reached absurdity,” said former city police detective Benjamin Knudsen. “If Obama gets his way, Americans can expect the same or worse,” Knudsen told Conservative Base’s Jim Kouri.

Now that the German public is aware of their government’s cover-up of Muslim violence, Cologne’s Mayor Henriette Reker, who is said to be a pro-Muslim politician, blamed the police for withholding vital information about the sex crimes committed by Islamic immigrants. Chief Albers simply called her statement “a lie.”

Most European cops are forbidden from discussing Muslim criminals or rapes by refugees.
Most European cops are forbidden from discussing Muslim criminals or rapes by refugees.

Police department reports revealed that officers were overwhelmed by a mob of more than 1,000 Muslim men  who brutally attacked women who were mostly German citizens during the New Year’s Eve festivities. The cops and prosecuting attorneys have so far identified bout 30 suspects. They claim they are positive that at least 18 suspects are actually asylum seekers from the Middle East and North Africa. Some of the perpetrators are likely Muslim German citizens or visa-holders.

One of the victims, only identified as 18-year-old Michelle X, told reporters that she and her friends were walking near the city cathedral when “suddenly 20 to 30 men surrounded us. And more and more came. Michelle said the Arab men roughly rubbed her legs, buttocks, and breasts and attempted to remove her clothes.

In the city of Rhein, also in Germany, two teenage girls were viciously raped repeatedly by a gang of at least four Syrians as part of a multi-city rampage of sexual assaults by Muslims in about a dozen cities in Europe New Year’s Eve.

The European Union countries are being inundated with a Muslim rape epidemic that is hard to gauge because of government’s covering up Muslim-related crimes. Even the U.S. has gone “over the top” in its efforts to avoid linking Islam to acts of violence.

Under Sharia law, sexually violent acts are not only permitted when it comes to non-Muslim women, but Islamists are encouraged in the name of trying to convert them to Islam.

Thanks to our friends radio host Doug Giles and the folks at Clash Radio and Clash Daily.
Thanks to our friends radio host Doug Giles and the folks at Clash Radio and Clash Daily.

“Rapes have skyrocketed in England, Sweden, Germany and Norway during the past few years after they took in millions of Muslim refugees and migrants from the Middle East and North Africa. Sweden, which once boasted extremely low instances of rape, is now considered the “rape capital of the West.” Gang rapes in Sweden have escalated exponentially between 1995 and 2006, and the culprits in most cases were refugees or migrants from Muslim countries,” according to German television’s ZDF editor-in-chief.

There has been a widespread European media blackout of this news because Swedes, Germans, Norwegians and Brits fear being labeled racist or Islamophobic. In the U.K., the press even refers to Muslim criminals as “Asian” instead of “Arab” or “Muslim” so as to not anger its large Muslim population.

“German TV station, ZDF, apologized for not reporting the sex attacks amid reports they had been ordered by German Chancellor Angela Merkel to censor or soften its coverage of crimes committed by Muslim refugees and immigrants,” according to ZDF TV.

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