Do not believe those who say America is over by Laurie Roth

Real Americans and warriors don’t say or allow even the belief of defeat to creep into their heart and mouth. They don’t just identify the many attacks and even defeats we have endured. They group and regroup figuring out and/or inventing strategies to counter attack as they go. They fight the enemy to win. There is no other option. YODA said in Star wars, “There is no try only do.” I believe that 1000%.

Having done talk radio for 16 years, writing articles and exposing corruption and stories like so many, I have felt like a pathetic, brain injured loan wolf sometimes trying to claw or bark out a small difference. Maybe I could bark at the moon some more and see some push back. There, I scared two rabbits that ran behind the tree. Is there a point for me to keep trying? Is there a point for you to try and make a difference?

I guess I had better give up on fighting for my country, God and freedom. We are done, under judgment – the fat lady has sung. There are too many attacks and funded schemes from the New World order, power brokers and radical Islam to fight back and win.

Recently, the great Franklin Graham spoke at the First Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida. He talked of all the assaults on freedoms, George Soros and Saul Alinsky – Rules for Radicals influence. He talked of the coalition of endless groups of people, feminists, gays, environmental extremists, media…as he said the ‘forever needy groups destroying the American dream. He then concluded that America would not come back. He also said we will never again out-vote these people. He concluded that the story has been told about America…we are done.

Franklin Graham is a great man and has served God faithfully most of his life along with his iconic father Billy Graham. I say ever so respectfully, he is so wrong! Although he is right about the many groups who have attacked us over the years, many led by Obama, he is dead wrong to say we are over, done and the story has been told. What kind of faith and courage is that?

No, no and triple no. This is the good part for real winners and those who believe that God is big. Remember, God inspired, breathed life into and created America. He built her up, placing the skeletal structure, legs, arms, heart and breath in her. If you know anything about the Bible and God’s history of dealing with his people, he disciplines his own, protects and rises up leaders to respond to his will. He doesn’t destroy his own, even the imperfect remnants who mess up. He still listens to the prayers of his people, no matter how beat down and messy they are.

Remember, so often God’s interventions don’t appear ‘common sense’ ‘well timed’ or predictable, but He is always faithful and spectacular in is responses.

Remember in 2 Chronicals: 20, Jehoshaphat’s unbelievable story. The Israelis were being surrounded by a multitude of armies who had joined up against their small band of soldiers. They knew they could do nothing against them but get slaughtered, so they fasted and prayed asking God what to do. God answered ‘don’t be discouraged or afraid, the battle is mine.’ Then the good part comes. The small group of Israelis believed God and put a praise choir out in front of there soldiers, singing praises to God as they kept marching forward. It was like the boy scouts were facing the Nazi party…no problem. Then The Bible says God sent ambushments ahead and took out the entire multitude of soldiers. Not one Israeli died and all the enemy were killed. God may not follow a general’s orders or common sense but he always gets the job done in and through all situations and stress when we trust him. So America…trust Him.

We all know the problems, attacks on Christians, freedom and speech. This is precisely when things in our history can and will get exciting not defeating. I may be wrong but I don’t think so. I believe God has raised up the ‘in your face’ ‘believing’ ‘talented’ ‘mouthy’ ‘passionate’ Donald Trump to carve through the bull rot, corruption and sell outs who have taken over America and sadly are causing many to give up. He is also growing as a newer man of faith.

It isn’t just out voting the Democrats that is the goal this next election. It is finding our fighting and believing spirit again – our pride in being American and not settling for a compromised and crushed version of that. Without real believe, guts and patriotism we are done. We will just lower our heads and allow the takeovers. Those who believe that get out of my way. Some of us may end up in jail, speak too loudly, march in the streets and annoy the lazy onlookers, but we will fight – fight for our freedom and country. That means from invaders inside and out. Many millions of Americans know that one with God IS the majority and He has a plan for our healing and success not failure.

Mr. Graham, the story of America has not been told as you say but is being told. We win.




Dr. Laurie Roth — the “Annie Oakley” of the airwaves — is a nationally-syndicated radio talk-show host. She has hosted successful talk shows on radio stations from Boston to L.A. with no shortage of callers.

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