Democrats Relying on Muslims for the Next Wave of Political Victories

Although, so far, there are but a handful of Muslims holding political office in the United States, some are already being elected and climbing the ladder of success within the Democratic Party. A number of them are believers in Sharia law and adhere to the precepts of The Koran. To Democrats, religion is unimportant or an roadblock for the Democratic Party leaders have one religion and one religion only: A totally socialist America where they are the rulers and the possessors of wealth. 

On Monday, the day before Election Day, the presidential candidate who lost two years ago but is still touring the nation and the world explaining why she lost, Hillary Clinton, endorsed Aisha Yaqoob for Georgia House of Representatives, District 97. Besides Hillary Clinton, former Obama Attorney General Eric Holder also endorsed her.

Democratic Party Candidate Aisha Yagoob ran for her state’s legislature but lost. Other Muslim candidates did win, however.

A member of the family of Pakistani Muslims, Aisha is an anti-President Trump Democrat who founded the Georgia Muslim Voter Project in 2016. According to the Georgia Muslim Voter Project’s Facebook page, “The Georgia Muslim Voter Project aims to educate Georgia Muslims about civic engagement, registering new voters, and engaging the community through voting.”

However, the GOP’s candidate Bonnie Rich defeated Aisha Yaqoob in Tuesday’s General Election for a seat in the State of Georgia’s House of Representatives.

According to one former police officer and intelligence operative, Stanley Wesley Dannak, there is a definite trend within the Democratic Party to fill state and federal legislatures with followers of Islam. “It doesn’t matter if they are from Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam, who often echo the Iranian Islamists who chant ‘death to America’ or ‘death to Israel.’ or members of the Muslim Brotherhood, al-Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Shabaab, or others. The Democrats like the communists in North Korea have no use for religion unless it’s to control their voting blocs,” Dannak said.

Also winning political office on Tuesday is Keith Ellison who is now the Minnesota Attorney General. He won his office despite being accused by two women of being physically abusive and having a big city police union refusing to endorse him and in fact campaigned against him.

A second Muslim candidate in Minnesota was Hodan Hassan who defeated her Republican opponent, Bruce Lundeen, to win a seat in the Minnesota House of Representatives in District 62A.

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One thought on “Democrats Relying on Muslims for the Next Wave of Political Victories

  • November 14, 2018 at 8:39 pm

    It is not relying, it is being happy to have Muslims on our side. (I’m independent) Muslims are not a nuisance, and so be it if they help us progressives push the party, I gladly would accept a Muslim on my side. Also, religion has to do with nothing. Also, a roadblock, not an. Complete socialism means that everyone in the country has the same income, same wealth. No one is poor and no one is rich.


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