Democratic Party’s Love for the Chinese Outweighs Their Tolerance for US Citizens

Over the years, thanks to most Democrats and some fake Republicans, the US gave China billions of dollars and economic success. The Chinese thanked the United States by giving its citizens a deadly virus known as COVID-19

The Democratic Party’s top politicians and their mouthpieces in the news media have spent a lot of money and economic-health appeasing China and excusing it’s bad behavior. More than a few Swamp dwellers, including the son of Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden, have made small fortunes in China and they continue to secretly work with the Chinese government against the interests of the American people.

Just within the last few months, in the midst of a deadly Coronavirus crisis in the United States, these Democrats and their news mob called President Donald Trump and his supporters “racists,” xenophobes, even murderers while they defended the Chinese communist dictators.

Unfortunately for Biden, his need to show voters that he is tough on China has been nixed by his party’s leaders. China is held in high esteem by most Democrats, members of the media mob, university professors and even some within what’s known as the establishment Republicans who buy into the “New World Order.”

It’s frightening for many clear-eyed Americans to envision “Beijing Joe Biden” as POTUS, but it no doubt fits into the hopes and dreams of dishonorably-discharged Naval officer Hunter Biden who has accumulated millions of dollars thanks to his dad’s Senate seat and position as Vice President.

If one thinks about how much money he was able to make with his Chinese and Ukrainian cohorts as the son of a vice president, just thinks about the millions he will make throughout the world as the son of the president.

The New Democratic Party and It’s Advocate have noted the following:

  • “Biden has made the mistake of over-compensating by going full-blast in criticizing China. This is the likely source of the xenophobia of the ad,” wrote The Nation’s Jeet Heer. “Biden has fallen into Trump’s trap… Biden’s strategy of responding to this attack with xenophobia will only further fragment his base.”
  • “If you are trying to reform your past history of racist policymaking, like your 1994 crime bill, you had better do some homework,” said a senior ACLU lawyer, accusing Biden of “stoking fears” and “foment[ing] racist scapegoating.”
  • “[T]his campaign strategy will throw Asian Americans under the bus,” wrote Dr. Ravi Chandra.
  • “[M]y question is ‘Who is the Biden campaign willing to sacrifice along that way?’” said the executive director of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders for Civic Empowerment.
  • “It is possible to [criticize the Chinese government] in a way that is not racist and not nationalistic,” said the director of progressive group Justice Is Global.
  • “[T]he Biden campaign is peddling a lie about how public-health cooperation with China actually works,” wrote the Atlantic’s Peter Beinart. “A presidential candidate can, of course, attack the Chinese government without attacking Chinese Americans. But doing so requires some rhetorical finesse—something the Biden ad lacks.”
  • “F— @JoeBiden,” tweeted author Viet Thanh Nguyen.
Former DOJ U.S. Attorney for the D.C. District Joe DiGenova has conducted his own probe of Joe and Hunter Biden.

While the Biden campaign is pretending their presidential candidate — whose son was successful in bringing home close to a billion dollars from Beijing — will be tough on China if elected, there is more than four decades worth of material (plus some from the past year) that will make it impossible for the Democrats to deceive Americans. In fact, during the, Nixon, Carter and Reagan administrations the Democrats embraced the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). Here are some of Joe Biden’s statements:

  • “Nor do I see the collapse of the American manufacturing economy, as China, a nation with the impact on the world economy about the size of the Netherlands’ suddenly becomes our major economic competitor,” Biden said in 2000 as he advocated for normalizing trade relations with China.
  • He was wrong, and the American working class paid the price. Yet there he was just last year, still defending China and arguing that the economic threat was nonexistent. “China is going to eat our lunch? Come on, man,” Biden said. “They’re not bad folks, folks. But guess what? They’re not competition for us.”
  • During his many years in the Senate and his 8 years as Vice President, Biden failed to stand up to China’s unfair trade practices. Then he opposed President Trump’s efforts to hold China accountable.
  • Biden’s son Hunter even got into business with a Chinese bank, scoring a sweet deal after traveling on Air Force Two to Beijing with his father.
  • This year, when China blamed the U.S. military for the virus and President Trump countered its propaganda campaign by using the term “Chinese virus,” Biden accused him of xenophobia and his campaign laughably claimed it was a racial slur.
  • And of course, Biden spent weeks criticizing President Trump’s January 31 decision to restrict travel from China to combat the coronavirus. Biden accused him of acting “irrationally” and implied it was rooted in racism.
Joie Marcus Mini-Documentary
Aloha friends! I made this video spontaneously without notes or an outline, and it probably shows, LOL. I deviate a bit here and there, a sort of association of ideas, as David Hume would have it, type of commentary. But here are the main points: 1) Should the top Democrat Leadership and their Media lapdogs be prosecuted for colluding with China? Time to Investigate all funding / pay offs to Democrats who’ve secretly colluded with China with the end goal being to replace our democracy and free society with China’s Orwellian model of an authoritarian oligarchy. This is Treason! That’s what treason looks like, domestic and foreign enemies of our Republic! 2) Trump was right again: the media really is The Enemy of the People! with the exception of a few commentators left on FOXTV, Tucker, Hannity, etc, the other networks are not on our side. Example: They’re clearly cheerleaders of the coronavirus. They don’t want a cure and they don’t want it to end. They’ve made that very clear to us. 3) Who owns our U.S. media: Global investors, primarily China and Saudi Arabia. Take a good long look at how the leadership restricts THEIR people in perpetual lockdown slave-like conditions. 4) We are now beginning to realize that these Draconian restrictions associated with the economic shutdown have nothing to do with the virus and everything to do with an Illegal Coup, an authoritarian Occupation of our country orchestrated by the Democrat Leadership, Global Powers (primarily China) and the Anti-American Media. And remember: FEAR is the oldest method used by rulers to control the people. Fake News Mission is to keep you locked in a state of Fear. Thank you for listening!

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