Deep State Sabotage Defined in Interview

William F. Jasper is the senior editor of the New American. They focus on limited government, constitutional guarantees of freedom and personal responsibility. William has researched and written extensively on foreign and domestic politics, terrorism, national security, education, immigration, constitutional issues, the culture war and the United Nations. He’s the author of ‘The United Nations Exposed’ and ‘Global Tyranny-Step by Step: The United Nations and the Emerging New World Order’.
Former FBI Director James Comey is the perfect example of a Deep State conspirator.

Just before Christmas, C-SPAN aired an alarming interview that included Roger Stone, former advisor to President Trump, who indicated that members of his own cabinet are plotting to remove him.

William admitted that Stone was very vague in the C-SPAN interview. On the other hand, William’s colleague at The New American, Alex Newman, did a sit-down interview with Stone in Stone’s studio in Florida. That interview (available at The New American website) is very alarming and confirms what some have seen develop over the past year.

Roger Stone isn’t the first person to see Trump as a target of the deep state. Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, has said he feels that the deep state isn’t afraid to nuke a city in the United States in order to kill Trump and blame North Korea for the result.

“He’s a shock to the system,” said Stone, a legendary political operative who, in addition to his longtime relationship with Trump, has served as a senior campaign aide to Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Senator Bob Dole, and others. According to Stone, Donald Trump’s election represented the “hostile takeover of the old Republican Party, which we now hope to remake in his image as a party that stands for economic nationalism, that stands for putting American interests ahead of globalist interests, and re-affirms our sovereign rights as Americans.”

“Now, I think the establishment, at this time, when the president has just passed his tax cut, has cut these regulations — so you see a record stock market, you see unemployment at all time lows, you see a booming housing market — it’s easy to misread the deep enmity and hatred that the globalists and the Insiders have for this president, and to underestimate their resolve to remove him.”

William defined the ‘deep state’ as individuals within the intelligence agencies and other various complexes within the U.S. government. He believes they’ve been moving behind the scenes to undermine the legitimate federal government. In fact, he sees the political operatives in control of much of the military, our intelligence, the bureaucracy, as well as within the media and political parties.

Roger Stone admitted that there are those at high levels within the Trump administration, including his cabinet, his national security council, and his advisors in the White House, who’ve discussed how they plan to oust the president. They have a Plan-A, a Plan-B and a Plan-C.

Plan-A involves using the 25th Amendment. In other words, it would be argued that President Trump is unfit to continue carrying out the functions of president. Normally this would include situations such as heart attack or stroke whereby the 25th Amendment would allow for continuity. However, advocates for this solution are claiming they don’t have to prove that he’s physically unfit, all they have to do is show that he’s mentally and morally unfit, therefore he can be removed. That would require the vice president and a majority of the cabinet be in favor of removing him along with approval from Congress. If challenged by the president, the House and Senate would have to obtain a super-majority (two-thirds vote) in both houses to uphold the decision to remove him.

Plan-B is being touted mainly by far-left individuals such as Maxine Waters. They’ve been calling for the impeachment of President Trump. William noted that top minds recognize that this is a long process. This is part of a ‘death by a thousand cuts’ scenario where Trump’s opponents would continue attacking him with sex charges, Russia collusion charges, and anything else, hoping that this will cripple him.

Plan-C is the extreme measure. That would be to assassinate the president. According to Jasper, Stone actually said this.

“Having written books on the Kennedy assassination, having highlighted the attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan by people deeply associated with the Bush family, I think the establishment has Plan A, Plan B, and Plan C,” he said. “Plan A is very clearly a take-down by the illegitimate Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who was appointed not by Jeff Sessions, not at the direction of the president, but by this fellow Rosenstein, who is a close associate of Mueller and [disgraced former FBI boss James] Comey, and who is a globalist Bush insider, a liberal Republican, who somehow got the number two position in the Trump Justice Department,” Stone warned, saying the establishment was now hoping Trump would fire Mueller to regain the upper hand.

All of this appears to point to ‘deep state’ sabotage, not only from without, but from within as well. Find out more, including some interesting information concerning Vice President Mike Pence.

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