Black Activist Slams Bill Maher’s Offensive, Racist ‘N’ Word Remark  

The following is submitted by Day Gardner, President of the National Black Pro-Life Union:
Recently in a conversation with Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse Bill Maher threw his arms up in the air stating he doesn’t work in the fields because he’s a house n*gger.

Maher stupidly joked, Senator Sasse, an accused pedophile, stupidly laughed.

The word n*gger flowed so very easily out of Bill Maher’s mouth, it was obvious to me he has used the word many times before.

As if using the n-word wasn’t enough, I was equally appalled that in his statement dull minded Maher made a comparison between men, women, and children FORCED to work in the sweltering heat of tobacco and cotton fields and men, women and children FORCED to wait on their master 24/7. The so called house-N was constantly demeaned in every way possible sleeping in attics or dank basements.  They ate their masters table scraps. Women were sexually abused at whim and most times FORCED to breast feed and care for the white children while their own children went hungry and neglected.

Whether in the slave master’s fields — or the slave master’s house, blacks were robbed of every decency.  They were raped, overworked– savagely beaten, abused human beings — bought and sold like farm animals.

Bill Maher is in NO WAY, worthy to compare himself to any of my ancestors — whether they were forced to work in the field or house, regardless if his comments were made in jest or not. Shame on Bill Maher.

Contact: Day Gardner, 202-834-0844


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