Bikers for Trump’s Chris Cox Throws Down Gauntlet for Congressional Run in South Carolina

Chris Cox’s primary concern is protecting Trump and his supporters from the likes of Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and other radical groups.

The Southern man who led fellow motorcyclists in forming the group that took an oath to support and protect then presidential candidate Donald Trump may soon find himself campaigning for public office, according to postings on social media networks.

Chris Cox of Mount Pleasant, South Carolina  the leader of the patriotic group Bikers for Trump announced on the group’s Facebook page that he is throwing down the gauntlet to run for a seat in Congress in 2020. This brings Cox up against Charleston Democrat Joe Cunningham.

“I couldn’t be more proud of the friends and patriots I served beside in our successful 2016 effort to elect and, now, our 2020 effort to re-elect President Donald Trump,” Cox said in a Facebook post announcing that while he runs for office he is turning the group over to one of his top lieutenants.

“Now, in my effort to continue to support President Trump and our great country, I am stepping things up,” Cox noted.

Chris started Bikers for Trump in 2015 as an unofficial security detail for the then-presidential candidate’s often combustible rallies, forming a “wall of meat” between Trump and the protesters who often showed up at his 2016 campaign events, according to a radio interview with Cox.

Cox came to the nation’s attention when he mowed the lawn surrounding the Lincoln Memorial during the government shutdown in 2013 during the Obama administration. While he cut the grass he carried a South Carolina flag while he performed chores for furloughed government workers during the shutdown.

In his Twitter account, Cox said he was “disappointed in the election of a liberal Democrat to represent me and my neighbors in Congress.” Cunningham defeated former GOP state Rep. Katie Arrington in 2018 to win the seat formerly held by Mark Sanford.


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