Biden in South Florida on Monday to pander to the Latino community fantasizes death of Trump on Election Eve

Two of the top henchmen for the Deep State.

Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden gave a speech at the Little Haiti Cultural Complex in Florida. Biden invited the attendees to fantasize about his opponent President Donald Trump being delivered a final death blow on election eve.

“Think about this, wouldn’t it be an irony, the irony of all ironies, if on election eve, patience delivered a coup de grâce in this election,” said Biden while Trump was a Cov-19 patient at Walter Reed Medical Center.

“The video of Biden’s sick statement was removed by YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and other outlets who are acting as the radical Democrats’ propaganda machine,” said former director of public safety Kevin Malloy.

“Biden is front-and-center in attacking America with a cultural revolution of far-left extremists who are pushing their radical agenda in an attempt to break down all we cherish and know to be true, said Malloy.

These radical Democrats are using the powerful weapon of “cancel culture” to destroy any brave person who stands against them—getting that person fired and excommunicated from society just for disagreeing with them.

Obama Organized Crime Syndicate Matrix.

“Whenever someone who believes in the U.S. Constitution and American exceptionalism says anything negative about Black Lives Matter (BLM) Antifa (Anti-Fascism group) leftist politicians, the media mob and the Hollywood elites seek that person’s destruction including loss of a job, being labeled a racist and blacklisted by their unions, employers and others,” said Mike Snopes, a former NYPD detective and U.S. military intelligence officer.

“And they use this strategy to obtain consent and increase the speed to propel them forward unopposed in their self-righteous march to socialism or Marxism,” Snopes added.

As part of their strategy, these America-hating radicals are hard at work to rewrite American history and to destroy what you know to be true about our nation’s founding as well as revising the biographies of our founding fathers such as Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and the first President, George Washington.

Why? To reshape history to fit their ideals.

“We will find strength in numbers. We must band together to protect each other and our American heritage from “cancel culture”. Together, we are stronger and cannot be defeated by the angry horde,” according to Donald Trump’s campaign website.

Joe Biden sticks his head out of his basement to tell Floridians how Trump should die on Election Eve.Will you stand up for America’s heritage today? We are under attack, and we must band together to mount a strong enough defense to protect the truth about America for another generation?

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With President Trump at Walter Reed Medical Center, Joe Biden tells a crowd to fantasize about President Trump being delivered a “coup de grâce,” or death blow.




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