Are U.S. Officials Going to Stop the Illegal Alien Caravan’s ‘Tsunami’ at Our Border?

President and Commander in Chief Donald Trump ordered the deployment of a total of 5,000 U.S. troops to the southern border to assist law enforcement officers as a caravan of migrants continues its defiant march to the United States.

According to a statement sent to the Conservative Base,  there are 15,000 U.S. Border Patrol and Customs agents posted at the U.S.-Mexican border region.

The group of impoverished Latinos — or people claiming to be Latinos — left earlier this month from San Pedro Sula , a city located in the northern part of Honduras. The caravan crossed into Guatemala and are crossing into Mexico as they travel to the U.S.’s southern border. Originally the group started off in the few hundreds, they are now around 14,000 immigrants.

This latest migrant caravan is another example of leftist groups taking advantage of of the desperation and poverty of the uneducated from the Latin American socialist system and rampant crime. The Northern Triangle region of Central America where El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras are located is one of the most violent areas of the world. Transnational crime organizations, Marxist groups and violent street gangs destabilize these impoverished countries. This leaves massive parts of the population vulnerable and with little means to survive. Besides all of the above, these quasi-dictatorships make certain their citizens cannot access firearms or any other sort of protection.

And, unfortunately, local governments lack the capacity and at times, the political will, to address these challenges.

According to Voice of America, the UN refugee agency indicates Washington is on shaky legal ground in barring Central American asylum seekers from entering the United States. The UNHCR reports people fleeing persecution and violence have a right to international protection.

However, according to a number of law enforcement officials who support protecting Americans and U.S. sovereignty have told those who have asked for their opinions that this country’s government has a right to decide who is welcome or not welcome into our nation. “Undocumented — a leftist euphemism for illegal — migrants are just that: UNDOCUMENTED. We the people have the right to say who is not wanted from other countries,” said Sid Franes, a former police detective and U.S. Marine intelligence operative.

The UN refugee agency does not question the sovereign right of any nation to control its borders. But, it does say international law governs the way countries must behave toward refugees and asylum seekers.

The UNHCR says it recognizes the arrival of thousands of Honduran migrants in the caravan at the U.S. borders will be overwhelming. But, spokesman Charlie Yaxlie says closing the border to the caravan is not a solution and will likely cause harm to those who have a legitimate fear for their lives.

According to as-yet-unpublished statistics from the Border Patrol, the U.S. is witnessing record levels of illegal immigrant parents crossing the border with children. The statistics, obtained by the Washington Post, show that in the three months since the Trump administration halted the “family separation” policy at detention centers, there has been an unprecedented surge across the U.S.-Mexico border.

Border Patrol agents reportedly arrested more than 16,600 family members in September 2018, making it the highest one-month total in the history of the country. It represents no less than an 80% increase since the summer, leaving little doubt as to what’s driving the surge.

“We’re getting hammered daily,” a Border agent told The Post.

Katie Walkman, a spokesman for the Department of Homeland Security, said “the removal of actual family units, or those posing as family units, has been made virtually impossible by Congressional inaction – which will most likely result in record numbers of families arriving in the United States this year.”

According to the Post story, President Trump is furious about what’s happening at the border, and he is considering a re-implementation of the family separation policies that resulted in a wave of bad press this summer. Republicans, unfortunately, are advising against taking that sort of immediate action because they think the policy will hurt them in the midterms.

Far better to sit back and watch as our illegal immigration problem spirals out of control – on the watch of a President who campaigned on a promise to be stronger on this issue than any previous administration!

Not that we can fully lay the blame at President Trump’s feet; he has been hamstrung by a Congress that is utterly unwilling to pass the legislation necessary to effect real change. The family separation, zero-tolerance policy was working, but the public outcry (largely manufactured by the media) and the questionable legality of keeping children detained forced the administration to stop.

Reportedly, Trump is looking at giving migrant parents a choice of whether to stay together in detention or release their children to live with families in the U.S., which may pave the road to a return to long-term detention.

But at the end of the day, real enforcement can’t be done from the Executive Branch alone. We need the wall. We need better security. We need laws that permit rapid deportation. We need an end to catch-and-release. We need legislators willing to make the tough call. Are there any out there?


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