Actor Michael Moriarty: Life never really changes

I suppose that once “Armageddon” is over, that, indeed, the promise of 1,000 years of peace in The Book of Revelations will occur and, yes, you might then say, “Things have changed”.

After 1,000 years?

After what amounts to a blink of God’s Eye?!

Things are back to where they usually are!!

Good and Evil are again at war with each other in every corner of the Earth.

ISIS and Friends terrorize the human race, while more blissfully venial sins just keep bouncing out of many of our mouths and most of our eyes.

While, at the same time, both American Presidential candidates look increasingly questionable.

Why is Mankind even still alive?!


Thank God!

That’s my bet at any rate.

It’s the one I’ve gambled on with greater faith each year for over seven decades.Armageddon

However, I’m not here to sell you anything.

My readership isn’t big enough to make salesmanship even interesting, let alone worthwhile.

I just realize that I’ve waited all my long life to become an old man.

Never have I felt more at home or more myself than at this divinely ripe old age of 75.

That said… I’ll offer you a bit of sage advice.

Don’t wait too long before you start telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Do it before Life gets you into court, puts you on the stand and you have to tell the truth.

Don’t begin to think that some people on this earth aren’t worthy of the truth.

Worthy or not, if they’ve asked for the truth?

In whatever way fits their Good or Evil fancy?

Give it to ‘em!

What they now call “political correctness” today?

Our parents sold us as “being polite”.

Everybody is selling something… whether they know it or not.

I just hope I’m not as big a coward as St. Peter.

He denied Christ three times.

Perhaps St. Peter is the inevitable reason why the Catholic Church is in the hands of a Jesuitical fraud.

The Third Millennium’s
Liberation Theologian,
Pope Francis.

Perhaps St. Peter is the reason Rome has built herself into a record-breaking mountain of hypocrisy.

No wonder Peter couldn’t deny Christ in Rome.

and The Vatican 
are one.

ISIS beheads Christian in Iraq.
ISIS beheads Christian in Iraq.

Still, there’s more saintliness to the Middle Eastern Christians who have their honest little heads cut off by The ISIS Evil Monsters weekly.

There is more honesty from these Christian victims of ISIS than most of what we read about St. Peter.

Perhaps that is exactly why Christ picked him.

The Lord chose Peter The Rock to build His Rocky Church on so we would all eventually and inevitably, after millenniums of Catholic self-loathing and self-denial, see all institutions of any kind for what they all really are.

The last hope
for making an eternally flawed human race
 at least 

The truth is, as individuals, we are what we are and nothing is going to change it.

Joining fraternities such as Yale’s Skull and Bones happens not because someone was made conspiratorial and downright evil.

That someone was just born that way.

“Ain’t nothin’ gonna change it!” ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies.


Michael Moriarty

Michael Moriarty is an Emmy Award and Golden Globe winner who starred in the landmark TV series Law & Order. He is also a jazz pianist and classical composer and a conservative columnist.

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