Activist Group and Movie Star Endorse Judge Roy Moore in U.S. Senate Special Election

Photograph: Actor Chuck Norris (center) looks on during a Dec. 2, 2010, ceremony in Garland, Texas, where he was made an honorary Texas Ranger. 

Operation Rescue President Troy Newman has endorsed Judge Roy Moore to replace former Senator Jeff Sessions, who resigned earlier this year after being appointed to serve the Trump Administration as U.S. Attorney General.

In addition, actor and martial arts icon Chuck Norris endorsed former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore in his run for U.S. Senate in Alabama to fill Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ old seat.  “Judge Roy Moore is the real deal: He’s tough, tested, and has a spine of steel,” Mr. Norris, who previously endorsed Mr. Moore’s successful 2012 race for chief justice, said on Monday in his press statement.

Moore is the leading contender in the polls for the Special Election scheduled for August 15, 2017. (Watch video below.)

“I know Judge Roy Moore to be a dedicated Christian and social conservative who will not compromise on the matters of life. He is staunchly pro-life, and a true defender of religious freedom. I urge all the good people of Alabama to cast their votes for Judge Roy Moore for Senate on August 15,” said Newman.

On Wednesday, Judge Moore announced two important endorsements for his Senate run.
On Wednesday, Judge Moore announced two important endorsements for his Senate run.

Newman helped lead a vigil in Montgomery, AL in 2003, in support of Moore’s position that a statue depicting the 10 Commandments should not be removed from the rotunda of the Alabama Judicial Building. The monument was removed over Judge Moore’s objections. Even though it cost him his position as Chief Justice, Judge Moore never wavered on his ruling that the law supported the display.

In 2012, Judge Moore was overwhelmingly re-elected by the people to his old position as Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court. But in 2016, Judge Moore once again was punished for his unwillingness to compromise the law when he was suspended for upholding the sanctity of marriage. He retired earlier this year in order to run for the U.S. Senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions.

“Judge Moore is a man of faith that based his decisions on the court not on his opinions, but on the law of the land, even though it has cost him personally and professionally. It’s not often we find a political candidate that will do what is right, knowing that negative consequences will come. This is the kind of man of honor and principle we need in Washington, D.C.,” said Newman.

“The Washington establishment knows they won’t be able to count on him, but Alabama voters [know they can. Judge Moore has never backed down from standing for what is right, and that’s exactly what he’ll do in the U.S.  Senate. That’s why the Washington establishment is spending millions trying to defeat Judge Moore,” noted the conservative motion picture and television star.


Edited by Jim Kouri

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