2016 Survey Says: Largest Attempt in Decades to Expand Abortion Has Failed by Cheryl Sullenger

In 2016, America experienced the largest attempt to expand abortion since the 1980s.

It failed.Operation Rescue’s annual survey of abortion facilities found that after all the dust had settled on a very active year of reorganization within the Abortion Cartel, closures of abortion facilities compensated for the new opens. This has left the number of abortion facilities in America essentially the same as 2015 – despite the best efforts of the Abortion Cartel to expand abortion services in a year characterized by conditions that favored it.

Operation Rescue has released an informative report that includes the most accurate numbers of medication and surgical abortion facilities in the U.S. and how those numbers have changed since 2009, the first year Operation Rescue began to document the number and type of abortion facilities.


Other findings include:

  • A total of 31 abortion facilities permanently closed in 18 states in 2016.
  • The average cost of a first trimester surgical abortion has increased 5% over last year’s average.
  • The average cost of a medication abortion has increased 3% at facilities that provide only that type of abortion. This is despite the relaxing of FDA protocols that make abortion drugs easier for abortion facilities to dispense.
  • There are 31 abortion facilities that continue to offer Methotrexate injections to cause abortions even though it has a 33% failure rate and poses more dangers to women than other methods. The motive for risking patients’ lives with this drug is profit-driven.
  • Evidence of price-gouging for medication abortions has surfaced in California where the average cost increased a whopping 13% over last year’s state average — even though a new state law made it less expensive to dispense abortion drugs.

Operation Rescue’s exclusive report details conditions that favored abortion expansion and the reversal of fortunes that promises to make this year’s static abortion facility numbers an anomaly in a national trend that has seen a dramatic 76% decrease in surgical abortion facilities since 1991.

“The political pendulum has swung our way, and we plan to work very hard to take advantage of this opportunity to immediately call for enforcement of laws that will shut down abortion facilities and save lives. I believe this dramatic reversal of fortunes will pave the way for the eventual end to abortion in our country,” he said. “There is now no excuse for failure.”

Read the full report.

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