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December 20, 2014 12:26 pm

Is ISIS going to attack our schools in the US?

  My skin is still crawling as I contemplate the words of Dr. Bruce Porter, my regular show guest and friend.  Bruce is a fire fighter chaplain, 1st responder and Pastor who has been at and ministered to droves of people after 9/11 2001 in New York, the families of the Columbine school horror and […]

British hostage beheaded by ISIS terrorists in video

Islamic State of Iraq and Syria released another disturbing video on the Internet Saturday  evening they stated “showcases” beheading of British national David Haines, an aid worker who volunteered to help victims of the terrorist conflict. In the video produced by ISIS’ media wing and posted on , a masked Islamist with a British-sounding accent addresses the United Kingdom’s Prime Minister David Cameron, before appearing to slice David […]

Probe of inspectors general complaints against Obama Justice Dept. to begin

On Tuesday, the House of Representatives’ Judiciary Committee held a special hearing titled, “Access to Justice?: Does DOJ’s Office of Inspector General have Access to Information Needed to Conduct Proper Oversight?” to investigate allegations that the Obama Administration has been stonewalling the investigations conducted by its own Inspector General at the Department of Justice, according to lawmakers. According to a […]

If I can come back from near death so can America

This week I took time to remember just how close to death I came on August 25th, 2005.   It was apparently my ‘drama queen’ year because everything shattered and I was national news. So much for looks, career, health, walking, seeing, thinking or speaking… I did a 3 hour special on August 25th, co […]

Civil rights commissioner bashes Obama’s lawless immigration plan

President Barack Obama’s  use of executive action on his controversial immigration policy has led to numerous political leaders, organizations and news commentators to accuse him of executive overreach and to the intense criticism that he is leading the most non-transparent administration in direct contradiction of his promise in 2008, according to the New York Times on Monday. One of the loudest Obama critics is a […]