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April 24, 2015 8:18 pm

Government Engages in KGB-Type Harassment in Christian Church

Lake Worth, FL – Liberty Counsel sent a letter to the City of Lake Worth demanding it retract its baseless position that all local churches – some in the community for nearly 100 years – now obtain “business licenses” to continue operating, and for its harassment of newly-established Common Ground Church. The City has threatened […]

Former Navy SEAL turned congressman slams Obama’s ‘violent extremism’ summit

The end of the Obama administration’s international confab they billed as the “International Summit on Violent Extremism” on Thursday appears to have backfired on President Barack Obama. Many lawmakers on both sides of the aisle alleged that the politically-motivated dog and pony show was held in order to thwart criticism and accusations that Obama is a weak Commander in Chief […]

Could Rand Paul oppose Loretta Lynch and not be a racist?

The Congressional Black Caucus will forgo no opportunity to retard black progress in America and undermine the ideals that were once understood to be the goals of the civil rights movement. In the latest example, the caucus has issued a press release calling Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) a racist for opposing confirmation of Loretta Lynch […]

Stand with King Abdullah now and give him all he needs to fight radical Islam

Jordan's King Abdullah is a descendant of the Prophet Mohammed.

I knew King Abdullah almost 20 years ago when he commanded Jordan’s Special Forces. He’s the “real deal.” Give him everything he needs now to fight ISIS and radical Islam. King Abdullah was educated in Jordan, England, and the United States. He knows and understands the West better than any present ruler in the Middle […]

State Legislatures Considering More than 200 Bills to Block Federal Power

Less than one month into the 2015 state legislative season and the Tenth Amendment Center counts more than 200 bills seeking to block or limit federal power. Sponsored by both Democrats and Republicans, these bills range from narrowly focused legislation that would allow terminally-ill people access to experimental drugs and medical treatments despite FDA regulations, […]