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November 21, 2014 12:01 pm

Is ISIS going to attack our schools in the US?

  My skin is still crawling as I contemplate the words of Dr. Bruce Porter, my regular show guest and friend.  Bruce is a fire fighter chaplain, 1st responder and Pastor who has been at and ministered to droves of people after 9/11 2001 in New York, the families of the Columbine school horror and […]

Terrorism isn’t the problem…Islam is

Is there ever a time we will get sick of the word and political games regarding our treatment with Islam? “It is a religion of peace” as former President Bush, reminded us again and again after 9-11. Sorry Bush but you were wrong. As the current Islamic murderers wipe out everyone in site in Iraq […]

Mother, Daughter Strengthen Bond in Kuwait

/by Army 1st Lt. Isra Pananon and Army Staff Sgt. Laura Treangen/ AMP ARIFJAN, Kuwait, Sept. 9, 2014 – Many have heard U.S. soldiers calling their comrades family, only a relatively small number of soldiers have served overseas with a member of their immediate family. n November 2013, Army Capt. Andrea Boll and Army Spc. […]

August 25th Anniversary, show survival special

On August 25th, 2005 Dr. Laurie Roth was nearly killed and made national news. A deer jumped on her when she was riding her motorcycle, causing her to crash on her head and caused many breaks through out her face and mouth. She also slammed her brain against her skull causing severe brain injuries. When […]

The sewage water is up to our necks. Where are the lifeboats?

Can America survive Obama and the progressive/Islamic agenda? Those who plan to submit to slowly being boiled alive and just don’t have the strength, connections or courage to fight…stand over there and pray to your ‘coward god.’ Those who plan to throw their weight loudly on the stage for a moment of UN thought out […]