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April 18, 2014 6:34 am

What women want in America and it ain’t what you think

First of all, lets correct a few mistakes and lies about American women As an American woman I have done my national talk radio show for 14 years, am a published commentator, speaker, wife to a Man (isn’t it sad that I have to clarify who I am married to these days, a man or [...]


Hold on, I’ve got a good one. What do you get when Joycelyn Elders, Barack Obama and a cross-dressing billionaire walk into a bar to discuss the U.S. Marines? The few. The proud. Dudes in skirts. That’s right, we’re moving into the next treasonous phase of the left’s San Francisco-style sabotage of the world’s once-greatest [...]

Police already planning security for 2014 Boston Marathon

More than one month before the 2014 Boston Marathon, on Monday law enforcement and other government officials are planning the security for the traditional event that last year experienced the horrific death and destruction resulting from the detonating of two improvised explosive devices (IEDs) by a pair of Radical Muslim brothers, according to police and [...]

Why Are Christians (Really) the World’s Most Persecuted Group?

The title of the column caught my eye: “Why Are Christians the World’s Most Persecuted Group?” It was linked from the Middle East Forum website at Matt Barber’s cool, new site, From the title of the column, written by Raymond Ibrahim, I thought that maybe he had laid out the bottom line truth of [...]


The question is not, “Is America falling?” but, rather, “Why is America falling?” I’m currently writing from CPAC 2014, the nation’s largest gathering of conservative political junkies. The event is being held at the beautiful Gaylord National hotel, adjacent the scenic shoreline of the historic Potomac River. We’re just a few short miles from Washington, [...]