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September 3, 2015 4:47 am

Don’t trust presidential race polling data, say Romney supporters

There are now only six weeks until the all-important presidential election and the news and entertainment media are working very hard to cover for Obama — whether it be about his failures on jobs and the economy, or his failures in foreign policy including the loss of a U.S. ambassador, claim officials from the Campaign to Defeat Obama in a report on Monday.

In an attempt to discourage Republicans, especially conservatives, from going to the polls the denizens of American newsrooms keep suggesting that the Romney/Ryan ticket is finished, and point to their own polls to show how great Obama is doing in this campaign, according to the report, say the CDO officials

“Recall the 2004 election between incumbent President George W. Bush and Democratic Sen. John Kerry: Several polls showed Kerry edging out Bush on election day. The media told the country beginning at 5:00 p.m. on the East Coast that exit polls showed Kerry beating Bush by a wide margin. Well, we know what happened that night,” said political strategist Mike Baker. 

“And why did the media tell the nation Kerry was winning when he eventually lost? Because they hoped Republican voters wouldn’t bother voting,” Baker said.  

“In fact, the only talk show host to tell Republicans not to believe the polls and go out and vote was former Justice Department chief of staff Mark Levin,” noted Baker.

“During this election between Obama and Romney there’s a catch — and you need to know about this.  What they are doing is deliberately over-sampling Democrats in their polls to produce the skewed results they want” the CDO officials claim.

According to CDO, this is how they do it:  After they poll Americans about their presidential preferences, they then go and weight the polls to over-sample  for Democrats.  In the ABC News/Washington Post poll, for instance, they claimed that only 24% of Americans were Republicans.  And so they made their presidential election polls to reflect a turnout that would be just 24% Republican.  We know this is all complete nonsense.

Many conservatives are registered members of the Libertarian Party, the Conservative Party, and other smaller parties who will likely vote for Romney. In addition, pollsters do not survey cell phone owners which means they don’t include movers and shakers and busy entrepreneurs in their surveys. 

The chart of how the media polls would be if the media’s bias towards Obama was neutralized, and a proper weight of Democrats, Republicans, Independents, etc. would be reflected is posted above.

Every single poll when the bias is removed shows that the Romney/Ryan ticket actually holds a lead over the Obama/Biden ticket. 

“The one problem we still face: Barack Obama and the Democrats are out-spending the Romney/Ryan ticket in almost every single Battleground/Swing state,” according to CDO.  


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