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August 28, 2015 3:23 am

Michael Moriarty’s “The History of World War III: Preface”

Sir Winston Churchill, for the most part, looked back upon a seven year nightmare entitled World War II. While looking back, he was also simultaneously experiencing an increasingly personal encounter with Adolf Hitler. He then wrote his History of World War II in six volumes, covering both the European and Pacific theaters.

Not without assistance and numerous researchers, the Great Knight compiled massive files of information, organized them in his own personal narrative and, regardless of frequent “co-researchers”, read and approved every line of it and, in most cases, put his personal stamp upon each paragraph.

It is mainly by instinct and by the experience of the last ten years that I venture into The History of an as yet undeclared World War III.

Though as yet The West has no Churchill, the neo-Soviet VladimirPutin has repeatedly shaken his increasingly Stalinist fist atAmerica in theMiddle East. His mounting alliances with the likes ofSyria’s al-Assad andIran’s Ahmadinejad remind us of Stalin’s Non-Aggression Pact with Nazi anti-Semitism.

The West’s “Phony War” with radical Islam, beginning with the 9/11 attack on New York’s Twin Towers, has, with the exception of an increasingly unrelated skirmish in Iraq with Saddam Hussein, reached the eleven year mark with Barack Hussein Obama.

Cartoon of Churchill’s “Phony War”

That President of theUnited States, given both his full name and repeated praise for Islam, now amounts to not merely a Neville Chamberlain of “Peace in Our Time” but a virtual Marshall Pétain of Occupied, World War IIFrance. 

Marxism’s non-violent, duly elected occupation of the White House?

Marxist Victory following the lie of an end to The Cold War?

With the appearance of “Peace In Our Time”, the Marxists, with a phony lifting of The Cold War, slipped their poisonous influence all the way into the Oval Office.

America’s “Open Door” policy swung widest in the last, 2008 election. With warning signs of Obama’s radically Leftist dreams for a “fundamental transformation of the United States”, with all of these quotations of Obama and his personal history of Marxist affiliations warning the Free World of “Trouble!!”, the United States, unforgivably uninformed by both the CIA and the FBI, voted Obama into the Presidency.

Now with even greater evidence of Obama’s Far Left intentions, the coming election is shockingly a tighter race than one could possibly imagine.

What explains that?

With an increasingly Far Left America controlling not only the Presidency, the Senate and most American cities, one must also recognize that the Mainstream Media and all of Hollywood, are sitting firmly in the back-pocket of a Progressively Marxist New World Order.

American independence has so deteriorated that theUnited Statesis virtually “occupied” in the same wayEuropeof the 1940’s was “occupied” by the Nazi/Fascist/German/Italian Axis. However, this time it was done without firing a single shot.

Worldwide Islam, exactly like Nazi Germany and in spite of … or perhaps because of the Bush Family’s favors for almost all of the Arab Emirates, Worldwide Islam can sing the same absurd cry of “There was a war?!” and do so without anyone answering that question.

The Communists can whisper the same battle cry: “There’s been a war? We didn’t see it?!”


The Progressively Marxist New World Order.

As one of the New World Order’s greatest architects, Henry Kissinger, declares, “The most erotic thing in the world is power!”

Even the most earnest of American Conservatives can succumb to the lust for more and more power.

However, Sir Winston Churchill, no virgin to power and no enemy of it, drew a line in the ever shifting sands of geopolitics and not only declared war on Hitler but eventually led the Allies to victory.

The post World War II settlement with Stalin’s Soviet ambitions?

The agreement legendarily scribbled by Churchill in Moscow

is described here: Churchill in Moscow

On 9-19 October 1944, Churchill went to Moscow to meet Stalin face-to-face to try to sort out their differences.

This meeting is famous for the so-called ‘percentages agreement’, where Churchill suggested that Britain and Russia agree ‘spheres of influence’ in the different countries of eastern Europe. He scribbled some figures down on a piece of paper (Romania 90-10, Greece 10-90, Yugoslavia and Hungary 50-50 etc.) and passed it to Stalin. ‘He took his big blue pencil and made a large tick upon it, and passed it back to us. It was all settled in no more time than it takes to set down’, remember Churchill.

Churchill came away thinking that he had the measure of Stalin, but he had just signed away eastern Europe to Soviet domination.

This decision erupted into the very diabolical tsunami in which theUnited Statesis now drowning!

By giving back what Stalin had won, virtually Stalinism’s immortal “bargaining chip”, to use Ronald Reagan’s own words, the Soviets suckered the Bushes andAmericainto a Progressively Marxist New World Order, with the likes of President Barack Hussein Obama an assured, implacably certain inevitability.

The Soviets have won not only The Cold War but the Phony Peace bargained by George Bush Sr. The literal loss of the American Presidency itself to a full and shamelessly brazen Marxist POTUS, Barack Hussein Obama, is not going to be surrendered peacefully to a Romney victory in November. The 11 year “Phony War” will end. Forms of Real War will begin.

What will be the deciding factor?


Poland, the Nazi occupation of which began England’s war with Hitler, has, in this World War III, been replaced by Israel.

Major efforts byIranto destroyIsraelby atomic weapons are the very, Nazi-like expansions of an undeniably anti-Semitic insanity that will engulf theMiddle East.

That World War III’s versions of Hitler’s invasion of Poland, which in this case is Ahmadinajad’s plans for Israel, that they will, of necessity, come after the initial nightmares of both 9/11 and its previous embodiment, Pearl Harbor?

ChurchillianEngland’s response to Hitler’s invasion ofPoland, its formal declaration of war was entirely unavoidable. Neville Chamberlain himself not only agreed with Churchill, he made England’s formal announcement of World War II on radio.

Will Mitt Romney be the Republican Party’s Neville Chamberlain and postpone the inevitable World War III through appeasement?

Or will Romney act as Churchill did and declare war on any and all enemies who attempt to destroyIsrael?

Such a declaration of war will have to be proclaimed byAmericaeventually.

There is no escape from that fact.


The entire future of the Judeo-Christian Civilization depends upon it.

There is also the inescapable fact that Ahmadinejad, if allowed to hold power, will dragIraninto an open war withIsraeland therefore force the already existing World War III into violence. IfChinasides with neo-SovietRussia, that horror of World War will eventually be dropped upon the entire human race.

World War III began with 9/11. The scarcely hidden war between Radical Islam and the Free World is already 11 years old. This is already the longest world war in the history of the modern world. If you add the years of Cold War with Soviet Russia and its Berlin Wall, tack it onto this World War III, you have the beginning of an intercontinental version of Europe’s 100 years’ war between France and England.

Given France’s Revolutionary attachment to both Communes and Communism, perhaps this unending disagreement between French collectivism and the English-Speaking world’s traditions of individual freedom and responsibility are just another extension of the 100 Years’ War.

Regardless, we North Americans have been in a Third World War with the Axis of neo-SovietRussiaand Radical Islam ever since the fall of theTwinTowersturned a virtually un-ended Cold War into a tangibly hot one.

Barack Obama’s undeniably Marxist and pro-Soviet efforts to have that war considered a “police action” was his New World Order sleight-of-hand. A transparent ruse that, thank God, hasn’t held much weight with most Americans.

In the following chapters I will concentrate upon not only the details regarding Soviet and neo-Soviet Russia’s eternal involvement with French Communism but both France’s and Russia’s inevitable alliances with Islam over and against the English-Speaking World.

Radical Islam is tied umbilically  to Communism’s fraternal lust to dominate the world.

Militant Islam is as inextricably bound to the spirit of Communism as Japan’s Imperial lust for power was the mirror image of Hitler’s tyrannical insanity.

Can a Progressive New World Order really be safely “negotiated” with what amounts to an undeniable evil,  transparent, world tyranny veiled in Progressively Marxist New World Order, good intentions?

I’ve never thought so and I’m absolutely certain that the Earth has never been big enough to hold an institutionalized Good such as the Declaration of Independence and the best of the English-Speaking Nations alongside homicidal greed. The Earth has never been expansive enough to sustain this planet in unending battle with an institutionalized Evil, such as Hitler’s Nazism, Mussolini’sItaly, the Emperor’sJapan, Stalin’s Soviet Russia, Mao Zedong’s Red China and the George Soros/Henry Kissinger/Bush Family brainstorms for a Progressively Tyrannical New World Order.

The 11 year, not-so-invisible war that has hung over the human race since “9/11” has no other destiny but an outbreak of world-war-sized violence over any attempted invasion of Israel. Such Islamic brinksmanship is inevitable and immanent.

The sides in this World War III are no longer a mystery nor do they necessitate brain surgery to identify.

It is a Red Islamic Axis or Osama bin Laden’s Islamic Communism that will challenge what remains of the Free World. Behind the suicidal homicide is the Sino-Soviet Axis urging this insanity on.

Assaulting democracy in inevitably the same way both Hitler and his Imams assaulted Free World Europe.

The very ghost of Osama bin Laden hovers over the entire face of the earth in the same way Mao Zedong’s spectre haunts China, the Orient and now the very seat of greatest power in the Once-Free World, the White House. 

Now Vladimir Putin of neo-Soviet Russia wants to hang off of Free World monuments such as NATO with the same arrogance that the memory of Mao hangs off of a White House Christmas Tree.

Beware gift-bearing neo-Soviets.

Good and Evil don’t really involve higher math. It is the Evil Elitists that will try and convince you that The Truth is way beyond your Free World understanding.

With such an attitude hanging and virtually dripping off of The Obama Nation and its “Teachable Moments”, is it any wonder I’m already recording The History of World War III?


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