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July 31, 2015 7:26 pm

America’s Setting Sun of Freedom: A Flamingly Red Secretary of State

By Michael Moriarty

When the US Embassy sent the dissenter Chen Guangcheng back to Chinese tyranny?

In a Chinese-language transcript Teng Ciao, a friend of Chen, quoted Chen as saying:

“U.S. Embassy staff
promised they would continue to stay with me,
but they have already left.
It’s just us here now.”

The BBC now accuse China of censoring its coverage of Chen Guangcheng’s flight to freedom.

Meanwhile, is it metaphorical excess to say that America’s Son of Freedom is now Chen Guangcheng?


However, that sun of freedom is setting in America, perhaps for a long, long time.

If Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Obama do not insure Chen and his family’s safe emigration from China to the United States, the same Chinese fist that closes around all freedom-loving Chinese will close around their American brothers and sisters.

Teng Biao, human rights lawyer and Chen’s friend, in a phone call to the activist urging him to leave:

“You know that if you don’t leave this time, perhaps in the short term they won’t dare to do anything, but the revenge will be very terrible. It is not as simple as four years’ imprisonment or house arrest for 2 1/2 years. Their torture will be very frightening, very unbearable. … The government hates you. … We understand very well that you don’t want to leave. You would like to stay and try to do something. But you have to understand that you will not be able to do anything if you stayed. … You’ve already done so many things and made so many sacrifices for China’s human rights and freedom. We all don’t want to see you make even more sacrifices.”

No matter what appeasements the Obama Administration tries to throw at an angry American public, the Obama/Clinton/Planned Parenthood Abortion Regiments have played the hand they will play if reelected.

In consort with Red China, the Obama Nation’s policies will squeeze individual freedom to death in the same way it literally kicked the Catholic Church out of Her right to create Catholic Hospitals.

Now the Obama Nation has closed the door on individual freedom with its decision to send Chen back into the clutches of Red China.

Red Islam and its planned, mass apparatchik violence against both Americans and gestating infants?!

America with her 1 ½ million abortions per year feels righteously angry over Jihadist violence, yet she engages in so many, individually decided acts of infanticide that the United States has no public right to claim having any integrity.

There’s no integrity left at all in America.

“All men are created equal?!”
“An inalienable right to life??!!”

Chen has now expressed a desire for he and his family to leave China on Hillary Clinton’s plane back to the United States.

My letter to a friend:

I’m afraid …
and profoundly frightened …
of the American spirit’s lack of resolve.
When Nixon caved into Mao on almost everything …
and then allowed Roe v Wade to pass unopposed …
the “jig”, as they say, was “up”. 

American opportunism
and the rule of good business
to exploit every opportunity for selfishness?!

Now the likes of Bill Gates

is out there plotting to cut the size of the human race
by at least one third its present size.
Over two million must die
without replacement!

The scheme is utterly Hitlerian,
but this time
it will be enacted
by the euphemism for the International Communist Party:
The Progressive New World Order

These men and women are now nothing more than flamingly Red Nazis.

The Red Nazis of America!



They’ve successfully branded every American belief as “sentimentalism”.

The sacredness of human life?


The inalienable right to life?


All men are created equal?

“A lie!”

Why is it a lie?

“There really is no God that treats man equally in His eyes.”

“And we all know that Man has never treated his fellow man equally.”

Equal under the law?

“Not if a few are too big to fail”.


How do the likes of Obama and Clinton avoid “failing”.

Hillary Clinton and Xi Jinping, President of Red China

Hillary, in of all things, flaming Red!

What is she trying to tell the world?

“America can no longer meet with Chinese dissidents!”

The biggest thing that cannot fail in the mind of President Barack Hussein Obama is Communism! Who told him that? His father. If Communism fails, Obama not only fails Communism. Obama fails his father.

Nothing has so helped Obama keep his promise to his father than the full cooperation of United States of America.

That is beyond ironic.

That is eternally horrifying.

Michael Moriarty is an Emmy Award and Golden Globe winning actor, a musician and composer, a columnist and commentator.

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