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September 3, 2015 7:20 pm

THE BLACK DAVID: Secretary of State Allen West

By Michael Moriarty

I had originally thought Allen West would make the perfect Vice-President.

However, the long roster of excellent Rainbow American Vice-Presidents, i. e. Marco Rubio, Bobby Jindal, Bobby McDonnell, Luis Fortuño and  Suzana Martinez, is vastly stronger than the frighteningly checkered, short list of GOP Presidential candidates we’re saddled with.

Assuming Mitt Romney is the Republican candidate, the oxymoron within his Progressively Moderate History in Massachusetts demands a Tough Cop somewhere high in the Romney administration.

Col. Allen West is far beyond merely a Tough Cop!

Allen West is actually the President we need now but, for some reason, “God had other plans”.

The Colonel is also too gifted to be wasted for eight years in the Vice-Presidency.

For me, Allen West is the Biblical David we’ve been waiting for ever since the Goliath of Marxism took over and now holds the thrones of not only Beijing and Moscow but the White House as well.

The most interesting development has been Vladimir Putin’s very neo-Soviet Alliance with Radical Islam in Iran and throughout the Middle East. Couple that with President Barack Hussein Obama’s known and very ingrained sympathies for Islam, the Free World is in massively mortal danger.

With Ronald Reagan mildly in mind, we need more than a “bargaining chip” we need a bargaining chip bargainer.

There hasn’t been such an auspicious arrival as Allen West into World History since the British warrior Winston Churchill joined forces with FDR.

Red Muslim, Communist Islam and Putinized Iran demands that America enlist her Black David as Secretary of State!

Of course, Col. West might always, rather like his female counterpart, Sarah Palin, up and resign because of a difference of opinion with President Romney.

That is not, however, within the DNA of Allen West. He knows any set of rules he’s handed and will occasionally break them for all the right reasons. You would, therefore, have to fire Allen West.

Firing Allen West from the position of Secretary of State?!

Not a good idea nor in the cards if such a Secretary of State’s boss plays his cards right, knowing that Allen West is his diplomatic ace-in-the-hole

“Don’t get my Secretary of State angry?!”

“Not a good idea!!”

Therefore what is demanded in this case is not a long vetting process but an unusually long, very private and very detailed conversation between President Romney and Secretary Allen West before the news of his appointment is announced.

If both Romney and West know their respective “roles” in the dramas ahead of them, and the powerful “games” they can play with an insane enemy that I still call Red Islam, America is protected.

A psychiatric analysis of Red Islamic psychopathology should be a part of any briefing. One divine fact is true in this growing confrontation with Red Islam: all psychosis, if well analyzed, ends up utterly predictable. The new love affair between Moscow’s Putin and Tehran’s Ahmadinejad mirrors that between Stalin and Hitler during their Non-aggression Pact.

Institutionalized, Communist anti-Semitism?!

Such chemistry must create an ultimately suicidal psychosis!

As Bruce Pearson in Bang The Drum Slowly might say, “they are doomded!!”

One thing is for sure: Red Islam cannot cross either the President of the United States or his Secretary of State without some cost exacted.

The history of Col. Allen West and how he protected his men—s-Warning-Shot

is now a growing legend.

He will most certainly protect America with exactly the same ferocity!

What does that mean?

If the Romney/West diplomacy fails?

Make Col. Allen West Secretary of Defense during Romney’s second term.

Or better yet!

Romney’s second term is when you make Alan West Vice-President of the United States!!


Michael Moriarty is an Emmy Award and Golden Globe winning actor, a musician and composer, a columnist and commentator.

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