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September 4, 2015 4:58 pm

The American Robespierre by Michael Moriarty

I really don’t know a thing about country-western music. Earl Scruggs was a distant legend all my life and without much more detail to his fame than the name Earl Scruggs.
Then I heard Foggy Mountain Breakdown today and started tearing up. Blissful tears are always a clear sign for me that I’m somehow in the presence of greatness.
Whether this visit to the world of Earl Scruggs means great human beings or carries with its energy the general greatness of America is hard to tell at this point.
Scruggs and Friends rip it up on the David Letterman Show!
Why does this quintessentially American music make me weep with tears of joy today?
Well, it’s actually all there in black and white.
There’s nothing more moving to me nor more American than gospel, the blues and the lonely sound of Miles Davis’ horn.
However, there’s nothing more pulsatingly American than country/western.
Sound racist?
Not to me!.
Those two cultures are just ominous, earthy, black and white American facts!
The white and black cultures of America are as distinctly identifiable as that cultural grand canyon between Texas and New York!
Is the death of Earl Scruggs a portent? A prelude to the death of white America before the “Progressive” onslaught of the Obama Nation?!
It is, however, a portent!
A warning!!
I’m not really that big a fan of country-western.
I am, however, an increasingly vocal admirer of John Wayne. John Wayne is the essence of country-western!  He is, for me, country and western’s symbolic defender and, at this moment, its solid rock foundation. The Duke is all of Texas with his own personal corner of Mexico thrown in.
I can only spend a limited amount of time with country/western but I wouldn’t trade John Wayne’s American true grit for any kind of graduate degree at Harvard.
I wouldn’t sell the John Wayne America, not these days, in order to see another Ivy League diploma hanging in my house or the White House.
Roscoe Lee Brown, whom I worked with frequently in the New York Shakespeare Festival and in Law and Order, seems to have had a delicious time working with The Duke!
The crème de la crème of both black American culture and country-western’s white culture had no problem putting together a very American film called Cowboys!
There is, however, a very big problem these days.
An increasingly divided America.
President Barack Obama and the Obama Nation.
Truth be known, President Obama wouldn’t feel comfortable in the company of either Roscoe Lee Brown or John Wayne.
Roscoe was unapologetically gay and John Wayne was, well, John Wayne, a man who certainly knows how to get along and do good work with a gay black cowboy.
If they can get along well enough to make a movie together, they can certainly help keep America together.
But President Barack H. Obama?
Before President Obama is the Christian he says he is?
Before President Obama is the American he says he is?
Before President Obama is the black American we all hope he is?
President Obama is a Marxist!
Roscoe Lee Browne and John Wayne were undeniably great American artists! Would either of them, even with Leftist sympathies, challenge America’s religious freedom?
I hardly think so.
Would either John Wayne or Roscoe Lee Browne think that the Progressive New World Order is going anywhere realistically without an authentic United States of America?
Is a paste-and-patch European Union coupled with a similarly constructed North American Union,
both tossed forcibly into a Sino-Russian Union going to endure? Going to survive as this hoped-for, lied-for and corrupted-for “Progressive New World Order”?!
I doubt it.
Without the American, 236 year-old experiment at its center, the “New World Order” is constructing itself in quicksand.
Presently Barack Obama’s ambitions, his undeniably Marxist drive to “fundamentally transform the United States of America” will prove to be an inevitably Leninist delusion and Communist formula for changing the entire world into a New World Order modeled upon the former Soviet Union.
Such a fantasy belongs with Nazi, anti-Semitic and Soviet, Marxist delusions and depends entirely upon a ruthlessly force-driven triumph of tyranny over the birthplace of individual freedom and individual responsibility, the United States of America.
Blue In Green performed by Miles Davis?
It would seem to be another universe from Earl Scruggs’ Foggy Mountain Breakdown.
Neither, however, could have possibly been born anywhere else but in the United States of America.
If Earl Scruggs is America’s country music, Miles Davis is the very meaning of urban sophistication within any major city of the United States.
Both Miles Davis and Earl Scruggs scream America!
What does Barack Obama’s stay in the White House tell us?
The American Dream, its arts and universities particularly, have been mercilessly invaded by another, worldwide dream: The Marxist New World Order.
Please don’t be taken in by the words “Progressive New World Order”!
Don’t be just another “useful idiot” for the now, neo-Soviet graduating class, headed by our Progressively New World Order President, Barack H. Obama.
Obama’s recent promise to Vladimir Putin and his lackey, Dimitri Medvedev, that he will have “more flexibility” once he’s reelected?
Should Obama be reelected, you must know, if you are not entirely a “useful idiot”, he plans to intentionally provoke a counter-revolution against all that his Marxism stands for. He will challenge traditional Americans to put their firearms where they say their souls are!
We are being driven to the edge, not by Miles Davis’ urban sophistication, but by the Soviet Union’s successful invasion of not only the American performing arts but by its ownership of the entire, privileged set within the American Eastern Seaboard.
How could so many “useful idiots”, the label used by the Russian KGB for gullibly useful “know-it-alls” in America’s Democrat Party … how could they graduate from America’s highest halls of learning?
The Perennial Sophomores of Inevitably Violent Revolution:
Here they are!
Here is an ancient, French Revolutionary version of them:
“Robespierre was born at Arras, in the north of France and was soon respected for his high academics rates. He studied the law and became a lawyer at 21 years old. His main goal was to defend people’s rights, especially the more modest people’s ones.”
Those words begin this biography of Maximilien de Robespierre.
A lawyer, eh?
“In 1783, Robespierre decided to go to Paris to defend his favorite cause. He volunteered to represent the poorest congregation of the ‘Third Estate’ during the Estates General in March 1789.”
“His virtues made him earn the nickname of The Incorruptible.”
Hmmm, again!
“Max” had obviously not experienced America’s Chicago.
“He (Robespierre) chose to be part of the Jacobins group, one of the more radical movements of the new assembly, and became rapidly one of their most respected members.”
As for dealing with “counter-revolutionaries”, Robespierre soon became less than what this biography calls a “modest person”.
“So, he (Robespierre) decided to act strongly by resigning from his position and joined the strongmen of the ‘Commune’ in August 1792. He presented the petition of the ‘Commune de Paris’ where he demanded that La Fayette should be dismissed and declared a traitor … “
Hmmm, again and again!
” … the people of France should come together and ask for a collective convention. Robespierre joined Danton and Marat at the national assembly or ‘Convention Nationale’. Their political battle turned quickly to a physical offensive against the Girondist. In October 1792, rioters from the Commune de Paris arrested 32 Girondin deputies in the Convention and accused them of counter-revolutionary activities.”
Accused of counter-revolutionary activities, eh?
What must American Catholics defending their faith be accused of?
If Obamacare is approved of by the Supreme Court, will Catholics appear to be treasonous?
“The Terror began in September, 1793, a cruel period when France was killing its people by hundreds in a frightening movement of rage and decadence. People were arrested and executed without trial if they were accused of being enemies of the revolution. It is estimated that about 40,000 people died during this 15 months period.”
Gee …
“These events led to the termination of the newly built constitution.”
Do you recall President Obama’s stated dissatisfaction with the American Constitution? Robespierre was then pictured by many as a despot who was capable of the worst actions to support his ideas of the revolution. He became a supporter of the death penalty even though he fought against it during the early stage of the revolution.”
Doesn’t Robespierre sound potentially like a Third Millennium American Democrat?
“Censorship was reinstalled in the press and Robespierre launched a dechristianisation campaign all around the country.” Italics mine.
A “dechristianisation” campaign, eh? Did he try to emasculate Catholic hospitals with a National Mandate obliging Catholics to help with abortions and to end their religious freedom?
“Danton himself (a former pal of Ropespierre) was considered too moderate and then, was arrested and executed.”
Too moderate, eh?
Danton was beheaded along with a character I happened to perform as a young actor in a Dartmouth College production
of George Buchner’s Danton’s Death!
Robespierre, despite his charming facade, was apparently not a very nice man.
“In July 1794, Robespierre was evicted from the Convention and accused of dictatorship and tyranny.”
Then why would this same article say, “His (Robespierre’s) death was the symbol of the end of the Terror and the end of the democratic movement at the same time.”
Gee! How could democracy and terrorism go hand in hand like that?
Ask a Third Millennium Democrat, a fervent Citizen of the Obama Nation!
How was anything that Robespierre didn’t want somehow undemocratic? Was Robespierre’s opinion of Democracy the only acceptable definition within the French Revolution?
While all the heads bounced in the basket, the communards called it Freedom!
Boy, am I glad I was born an American and not a Frenchman, to be taught history out of the twisted tome I am quoting. Even with its bias for Robespierre, all the bloody vengeance of that monster’s campaign could not be denied.
Well … I’m an American exile now. I found the Clinton Administration unbearable.
Yes, it’s true. I’m pretty picky about political leadership; and, right now, Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada, is, in my not-so-humble opinion, the most vitally important leader in the Free World. He and the Catholic Church are the only empowered forces right now that stand between freedom and world Communism.
Thank God I didn’t trust the Bush family anymore than I did Bush Sr.’s pal, Bill Clinton. The Bush family are the virtual proclamation
of a “New World Order”.
With a second term for President Obama, however, many of us may have to, how shall I say, exile ourselves to another planet.
Obama now has no alternative, if he’s reelected, but to become The American Robespierre.
His pals inMoscoware waiting for him to make all those moves he tacitly promised them in South Korea.
With the undeniably Marxist love affair going on between Obama, Dimitri Medvedev and Vladimir Putin, what’s the basic difference between the “fundamental transformation of the United States of America” and the French Revolution?
Aside from Hollywood’s invaluable assistance to the “fundamental transformation of the United States”, its coming revolution, there is basically no difference between Robespierre’s Communes and the Obama Nation’s “community organizers”.
They both obviously have the same mortal enemies: monarchies, two party democracies, the Catholic Church and all the basic tenets of the English-speaking World.
What will Obama, with the possible help of the French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, target first in Canada? The monarchy or the Catholic Church?
Aren’t they “cool” together?!
However, don’t be a “useful idiot!”
Barack Obama with a second term as President of the United States would be just warming up all of the Americas for his own personal and potentially Maoist New World Order.
Michael Moriarty is an Emmy Award and Golden Globe winning actor, a musician and composer, a columnist and commentator.

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