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September 23, 2014 2:21 pm

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British hostage beheaded by ISIS terrorists in video

Islamic State of Iraq and Syria released another disturbing video on the Internet Saturday  evening they stated “showcases” beheading of British national David Haines, an aid worker who volunteered to help victims of the terrorist conflict. In the video produced by ISIS’ media wing and posted on , a masked Islamist with a British-sounding accent addresses the United Kingdom’s Prime Minister David Cameron, before appearing to slice David […]


Terrorism isn’t the problem…Islam is

Is there ever a time we will get sick of the word and political games regarding our treatment with Islam? “It is a religion of peace” as former President Bush, reminded us again and again after 9-11. Sorry Bush but you were wrong. As the current Islamic murderers wipe out everyone in site in Iraq […]


President Discusses ‘Relentless’ Campaign Against ISIL

 In his weekly address issued today, President Barack Obama discussed the strategy of his “targeted, relentless counterterrorism campaign against ISIL that combines American air power, contributions from allies and partners, and more support to forces that are fighting these terrorists on the ground.” The American public, the president said in his address, “can be proud […]