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April 26, 2015 4:10 am

Featured News Feed: @NathanTabor

Al-Qaida plotted attack on Apostolic Palace in Vatican

Italian police officials on Friday revealed that two suspected former bodyguards for core al-Qaida’s late leader, Osama bin Laden,  and more than a dozen other Islamists had planned a large-scale attack on the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church in the Vatican. Police spokespersons accuse the terrorists of being the same cell that launched attacks in Pakistan in order […]


Armed Christian Response to Islamists Needed, says Gun Law Expert

“It’s time for an armed Christian response to extremist Islamist worldwide persecution of Christians,” gun rights expert John M. Snyder said today. “Papal pleas for nations to rescue Christians from genocide are ludicrous,” Snyder added.”Christians must be ready, willing and able to defend themselves from murderous Islamist extremists,” Snyder said. “This means Christians must have access […]


How Obama blocked Iran arms while saying he wouldn’t

One of President Theodore Roosevelt’s most famous adages was, “Speak softly and carry a big stick.” His namesake aircraft carrier off the coast of Yemen demonstrated that the big stick can be effective even when the White House is speaking incoherently. A crisis seemed to have been averted Wednesday when a convoy of Iranian cargo ships suspected of […]